A lady to cherish

by Keith D Allison

To live, is to die

What is the essence of life under the stars
What is the glory of a man
What is the emptiness that burns within

For as the trump Blair
And the drums roll
He Marches off, to the eternal war

Where the scent of the Rose fills the air
To lay siege
To conquer, to own

But to live, is to die
For the rose
Cannot live under darkened skies

For as the seed yields
That golden fields of grain might spring forth
So must a man

For to live is to die
Gone the old songs of I
Imperfectly his life to yield

For within the glory of morning sky
That might see the rose within his eye


Posted on 04/27/2005
Copyright © 2024 Keith D Allison

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Jeffrey Parren on 04/27/05 at 09:29 PM

From my reading and would seem as though you are saying that with life assumes death, especially with man's fragility, so what he has to do, at least, is to enjoy the scent of a woman, behold the sight of her, and procreate with her?? I don't know if I am even close but I like the visuals and the opposing ideas presented; made me think! ~JPP

Posted by Max Bouillet on 04/30/05 at 09:47 PM

Anything that has a start, has an end. Life implies death. So much to think about in this piece. Such wonderful images.

Posted by Ashok Sharda on 08/19/05 at 03:32 AM

Yes, both the process walks hand in hand.

Posted by Rula Shin on 08/19/05 at 06:52 PM

Time is both life and death, as Ashok says, they walk hand in hand. What is important is to "see the rose within his eye" - we must stop chasing our deaths by projecting our end, and we must in the same token stop chasing life as this is synonymous with chasing death. Instead if only we could be as IS without forward or backward, but alas the nature is tough and will fight us on every plane. I really enjoyed this piece Keith, most especially the poetic language and the realization itself is so meaningful. Cheers to the Lady who can make a man SEE. Wonderful poem Keith :-)

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