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Dragon fruit

by Bradd Howard

Your claws sank into my wrist
leaving puncture marks in my skin.
two tiny holes. My wrist held tightly to your lips.
Kisses leave wounds, bloody kisses.
Coppery love tinged mingling.
Vampires of vanity.
Vanity laced with arcebic wit.
Grim grins- we know not what to do.
When the strongest action we can take is inaction
We must not let the honey of temptation slow us down.
Biting my fingernails and spitting them across the room.
My sophomoric heart
amateurish feelings of inadequacy.
political pomegranate nature
lost down the highway with out my headlights on. Rearview mirror all fogged up.
Dragonfruit. Dragon Blood.
Magic wand and meteorites
sandwhich spread and cookie dough
the mystical and the simple, sometimes it all becomes simple
a heart that forgets to beat and sleep
A whiskery kiss and a slow, slow heat.
dust mites and lint
light particles and window sills
Everything is connected through the vodka stained memories
of the infantile and the wise.
Memories are strange companions
reflecting that which is not necessarily there.
We see what we want, interpret meaning to fit our agendas and pray that no one catches on to what we are really doing.
My sophomoric heart and dragonfruit.
Freckled shoulders and rumpled sheets
non-linear thought.
cellular brain waves fuck open air
Gestation giving birth to nuclear pandas
or some such crazy shit
Tripping on acid with Peter Pan and Pinnochio
never growing up and telling lies
head games and humidifiers
pickles soaked in Kool-Aid like they sell in the corner store down on the Rez.
Acne and arithmetic- cursed me in my teens
Now I blunder my way to my bed blissfully and fall asleep
Watching the lights on the inside of my eyelids bob and weave
and listening to the giggling trees outside my window.
Everything is a reflection of me.


Author's Note: This poem is basically a cluster fuck. I just jotted down any combination of words or ideas that popped into my head. It turned out more profound and beautiful then I thought it would... hope you enjoy.

Posted on 04/21/2005
Copyright © 2020 Bradd Howard

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Posted by Karl Waldbauer on 06/29/05 at 06:22 AM

I enjoy!

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