Stealing Steel from a pierced Heart.

by Omi Salavea

Stealing Steel from a pierced Heart.

1. One,
For the man that followed the child, me, home from school that day.
2. One,
For the cousin of the family i never speak to, and will never be spoken of.
3. One,
For a little brother's voice, that was never able to speak out against thine own cousin as well.
4. One,
For the priests and pastors of the Mormon Church my father dragged us to.
5. One,
For the dark boy that loomed over me in my sleep when i was 13.
6. One,
For the scar just under my cheek, the branding under my right breast.
7. One,
For the girlhood i sold away to feed two lost souls.
8. One,
For the little boy loved in my heart, chased by genetic monsters we battle each and every day.
9. One,
To the mother i can't bring myself to know and love.
10. One,
To the mother's race that marked me long before i was born.
11. One,
To the Father that just didn't know.
12. One,
To the few friends that love and don't care.
13. One,
For thine enemies to manifest their arrows and pain in physical form.
14. One,
For the dreams and fears that never change.
15. One,
For the scars that everyone and no one have seen.
16. One,
For the sweet love i have experienced in life.
17. One,
For all the loss of precious things ripped from child-like hands.
18. One,
For myself, To myself, in rememberance of myself, in honor of myself, to hurt/heal myself, to mar/beautify myself, to remind me i'm alive.


Author's Note: I have 18 piercings, 12 scars, 5.5 tattoos, 1 branding, 1 beauty mark and a dozen birthmarks. The tattoos liberate, the piercings commemorate, the branding enslavement, and a beauty mark to remind me of how i was born, just like everyone else.

Posted on 04/13/2005
Copyright © 2019 Omi Salavea

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