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What lesson have you learned?

by Maria Terezia Ferencz

I remember my grandmother's voice when I was just a boy
She was my first true friend
What lesson have you learned then?
Once a day she asked of me
I told her of school, of friends, and climbing in a tree
I grew and grew and still it would be
What lesson have you learned then?
Always would she want to know
an endless litany
I told her of the simple things sun, rain and snow
What lesson have you learned then?
Of course I would reply
Never did she speak, only I would have my say
I was never sure just why
sometimes I could laugh others I would cry
She just listened, never would she walk away
Years had passed no longer just a boy
What lesson have you learned then?
Now it might annoy
Yet still she asked of me
so to shock I told her of the worlds cruelty
pain and rage the thoughtlessness of those who did not care
Finally she spoke
she leaned in close to me
The worlds not changed my darling boy
It will always stay the same
It is the mind that differs now, the cause of all your pain
Look on the world with the eyes
You once would use on me
the ones that saw the simple joy of climbing in a tree
I knew in that moment she had waited for this day
So long she asked the question
just to show the way
What lesson have you learned then?
I thought sitting by her bed
Will not be long say your good-bye
That is what the doctor said
I leaned in close so she could hear me say
Who will tell me of the lesson that I must learn today?


Posted on 02/07/2005
Copyright © 2020 Maria Terezia Ferencz

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