resolution working

by Angela Thomas

Finally, talking to you was like breathing, my chest expanded
and filled with vital air. I'm no longer sucking water trying
to fill my bronchial tubes, but drowning. I said everything
that I wanted to. I told you exactly how I felt. I explained

that I didn't want short term either and when I see you, we have
a very special connection, and I dont want that to go to waste.
I pushed the job aside and offered myself to you wholey
as a working girlfriend with all the amenities. I will cook

and clean and mend your broken body. I will rub you with tinecture
and sing to you when you can't sleep or when your heart
feels like it's breaking of some slow incurable sadness.
I'd call you my de-lovely and we shouldn't waste what little

time we have left. Come, my precious, I want to be with you
like you want to be with me, let's dance, let's be de-lovely.


Author's Note: William, just give us a try, please. It would be the world to me.

Posted on 01/03/2005
Copyright © 2023 Angela Thomas

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