Have You Ever...

by Teri T Lahmon

...looked at someone and wondered how something so beautiful can exist in the world?
I think perhaps what we are really wondering is how something so beautiful can exist and not be ours
why we are not allowed to possess it when it seems to have stepped
living breathing sighing screaming
from our very dreams
if we dreamed it into existence (how else can it be so perfectly desirable?)
then why and how is it not our own??

It seems to be the truth that the most beautiful ones are also the most tormented
perhaps torment increases exponentially with beauty
perhaps true beauty is bred of torment
and not merely a thing granted by genetics and well wishing faeries
perhaps beauty is torment
and extremity the nature of loneliness
anything unique is by definition singular

and the unique
the beautiful
the tormented
can only hope in their journeys to rotate into the orbit of one whose
unique beautiful torment compliments their own
and to find a way to balance the rotation of their orbits
so that they do not crash into one another
and blow themselves apart


Author's Note: I have to admit that this wasn't really a poem. This is a stream of consciousness journal entry, exactly the way I wrote it, centering and all. I just thought it came out sounding a little poetical and since I've been concentrating my energy on the novel these days, it's the closest thing to poetry I've written in weeks.

Posted on 12/15/2004
Copyright © 2022 Teri T Lahmon

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