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A Wonderfully Moving Bit of Writing

by Amy Niggel

Sorry I was lost in thought
there was supposed to be a poem here
I know I had one that went in this spot
Like the title?
Yeah that was the best part of the whole thing
most inventive I've been in weeks
well ever really
I fancied myself a writer
I believed that words could move the heavens
and that given enough time
and of course enough ink
the real kind,
the black stuff that you keep in jars on desks
and dip quills into
anyhow given enough ink
that I could change the world
that I could move hearts
and speak to my enemies
I have since learned that there is in fact a lack of good words
and an even greater lack of good ink
but then I haven't written in ink in so long how do I know?
I see the words appear as my fingers dance across the keys
they do not even make the motion to shape a letter
they simply let the tiny blinking vertical line fill them in
I wonder if my hands miss writing
G_d knows my heart does
I never feel so alive
as when I am in the grips of the muse and deeply entrenched in a poetic fit
but that hasn't happend in so long now
So I write on
or rather type on for this is not writing
I think I should go buy some ink
and some quills
and maybe then I'll have something to fill this space in with
but for now I simply leave you with my appologies
I thought I had a poem to go here
I'm sure I did
I just seem to have misplaced it.


Author's Note: Sorry I just got done reading "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" it was a great book this kinda came out of reading that.

Posted on 09/12/2004
Copyright © 2022 Amy Niggel

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Michelle Angelini on 09/12/04 at 09:19 PM

I love the message and intent in your poem, my favorite line being, "I never feel so alive/as when I am in the grips of the muse and deeply entrenched in a poetic fit." I'm not sure if this is a rough draft, but I suggest (take or leave as you will) cutting some of the words for a more powerful impact. Example: "I used to fancy myself a writer/I used to believe that words could move the worlds..." (I also like these lines) Cut "used to" and change it to a simple past, "I fancied" and "I believed." Your poem is powerful and says more than you might realize. Good work!

Posted by Richard Vince on 09/13/04 at 10:52 PM

i sympathise about the typing thing. that's why i write just about all of my stuff by hand. the exceptions are done on my lovely typewriter, which has [or had] a strange knack of extracting feelings from deep inside me like nothing else could. anyway. definitely one of your most interesting works. pleasantly thought provoking.

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