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Don't Trip

by Amy Niggel

Church bells are ringing in the distance
I assign numbers to the Westminister chimes
Onnnne twoooo threee fooooour
fooooour threee twoooo onnnne
My feet tread paths as though they have done it a million times
though they have never felt this ground before
I stand with my back straight,
my eyes forward
at least thats what everyone else thinks
My mind races
... don't trip
... I bet I look fat
... and ugly
... I am such a fraud
... Why is that guy looking at me?
... What if I screw up?
... That car is going to hit me, jump the curb and run me down
... I need to make more money
... I need to spend less money
... I need to stop being paranoid
... conversation is not my strong point
... I should go to church
... I should pray more
... I'm going to trip and fall in the middle of the road
... I am going to die
... people probably hate me
... I am insane
... I wish I could just stop thinking
My eyes go down for a moment
just to check and make sure my shoes are tied
I keep on walking
people think I am so secure
No one knows


Posted on 08/24/2004
Copyright © 2022 Amy Niggel

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 08/24/04 at 01:11 AM

look at how much work it is to project the image we want to project, to have this intricate inner dialogue to protect ourselves from the harsh light of the world. this part of the poem is so universal in it's self-flagellation, but what raised my eyebrows was the introduction with church bells.

Posted by Richard Vince on 08/24/04 at 06:12 PM

you always write so well about situations many of us can identify with, and thoughts many of us have had. this is no exception. i wish i could express such thoughts as well as you do.

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