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Farewell for 2004

by Amy Niggel

As we stand here
on the event horizon
of time's black hole
and we see the future before us
the past becomes more distant.
The wind is getting harsher
trying to take us each with it
in a separate direction
far from each others company
and I hear the Beatles singing in my head.
I wonder if we can survive without each other
can we make it as separate entities
when we've been collective so long?
It seems like forever since we've been
mes and yous
we've gotten quite comfortable with being uss.
We have composed each others lives
orchestrated our greatest triumphs
our darkest fears
our deepest sorrows.
We have been the ones to listen to each other
when the world was crashing into darkness
or exploding with light.
Chance meetings over the last four years
have become tight knit friendships
and now we face each other
tears staining our cheeks
as we try to say goodbye.
We know we'll lose touch with some
and stay close with others
that distance and circumstance will combine to rob us
of some people we found indespensable
for so long now.
My friend all I can offer you is what I always have
my friendship.
Time may pull us apart
and we may never see each other again
but know always
if you need me I'm here,
right where we left off.
You're always in my heart
and will go everywhere I go.
And though we may never see each other again
we will always have memmories
of times spent
or times wasted,
and you can always go to them
when you need to remember
who you were
when we were still us.
Now we are grown-ups of a sort
and become individuals again,
but you've touched my life
and I will never forget you for that.


Author's Note: "Whatever happened to the lives that we once knew? Can we really live without each other? When did we lose the touch that seemed to mean so much, it always made me feel so free."~"Free as a Bird" By the Beatles. Graduation is quite close and uh yeah saying goodbye is going to suck big time but its got to happen I guess

Posted on 04/18/2004
Copyright © 2021 Amy Niggel

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