Sometimes I Think (draft 1)

by Leonard M Hawkes

It's cold and kind a' lonely in the city,
Though it's been the place I've always called my home,
And it's strange and really seems a pity
Life should be so bleak with so much goin' on.

My eye keeps lookin' out on what was farmland,
Now just vacant lots across the way,
And thinkin'of the horses that once ran there
And corn and hay that grew there yesterday.

I don't know why, but sometimes there's a cowboy
Callin' out from deep inside of me;
A yearnin' for the farm and open country,
And simple life and ways that used to be.

I've not had time enough to meet my neighbors
In the ten years that I've lived here on this street;
Never spoken to the guy who parks beside me,
Nor the gal who drives the beat-up muddy jeep.

Who knows what kind of life we could be sharin';
Who knows what kind of help that I could give,
But in these city walls, these crowded places,
There isn't space nor any time to live.

Yes, sometimes, I think that I must be a cowboy,
No boots no hat, no wranglers to my name,
But I have that hungry yearnin' for the country
And a time and place where folks are all the same.

The only farm I ever knew was Grandpa's,
And I've never had a horse I've called my own;
The only soil I know's a three-foot garden,
And "chores" is callin' people on the phone.

But sometimes that open prairie seems to call me,
Sometimes the mountains sing inside my soul;
This life, these ruts I know here in the city
Just aren't the way or truth I want to know.

Yes, I really think sometimes, I am a cowboy,
And maybe in some other world I'll be
Yippied up and play my western music,
And drive a pickup truck for all to see.

Yes, I really think inside there is a cowboy
And in someother life, that's what I'll be.


Author's Note: Thoughts on my relationship with Uncle Paul.

Posted on 02/25/2004
Copyright © 2024 Leonard M Hawkes

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Maureen Glaude on 02/25/04 at 04:53 PM

nostalgic and so down-home fine. Kinda makes a good companion piece to my Secret Dream Ballad, though with more personal references. Well done

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