Ordinary People

by Lacey Smith

Ordinary People
by Lacey Smith

Ordinary people got ordinary problems, right?
For real.

It's like beep beep bow
I feel my feet on the ground,
I can't breathe the sleep out from all the sound
I'm trippin light catches the glass through the pane
I change, the room spins but stays the same
It's like the morning after of the night before
we fight wars without bombs but can't even close the door
to the rooms in our brain that the voices live in
still trippin, ain't got no use for the body that I'm usin'.
The philosophical vicodin, back again, without the backspin
trippin in the closet with no lights on, still and silent,
waiting for ghosts to get their groove on. for real
theres nobody home and so I roam the streets in the silence
craving violence like a man alone
I ain't gonna be no drone, the machine ticks
ticka ticka tock tock ticka ticka tock tock
ticka ticka tock

you don't know where you're from or where your life begins
you only know the name of your great grandfather's mothers best friend
who once had a fling with your cousins brother, no other than
the guy who used to deliver mail to his mother next door to the house
on the corner of 4th and 2nd, where you lived when you were
younger. sometimes you visit but you cant remember
where the stairs go, you dont know the way around the yard
where you played, so young, innocence so repressed,
you guess you'll never know the way you played then
or how you liked to dress. you're just a little kid inside who can't
find the feelings that wont subside youve tried without fail
and died without pride, dont mind the way I speak
without movement, but with cue cards that prompt the change of
pace and inflection its an ordinary rhythm yo.

stop and listen im like a drain without a faucet
im a car without an engine
a cause without enforcement
im a rebellious rogue missile tripping up slow
you wont even know how you got here
or how my body flows
tip top rockin the town with my fat beats
trippin up losers and messing with you crazy peeps
woo you wont even know me when you see me
but just as hard as you I try and I try
and I try and I try and I try
but why?

im just ordinary like you
I'm unigue
im different like everyone else.
I speak words of enlightenment
to the masses who listen and
reject me.
and i reject them too.
And I’ll reject you.


Author's Note: Ha. This was really just to be funny. My friends Stelth and Tyler had done a cover of Denizon Kane with Typical Cats doing "What You Thought Hops" and wanted to try their own rap so I wrote one and the what not. It wasn't supposed to be deep or philosophical. Just rappable. Ha. I think its funny.

Posted on 12/13/2003
Copyright © 2021 Lacey Smith

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