Time In Squares

by Lacey Smith

Time in Squares 03/10/03
by Lacey Smith

The most intricate details of bodies I've seen blown to pieces by mass media monsters
masturbating in their swivel chairs, playing light jazz, light rock
afternoon radio talkshow host with bleached blonde hair
white teeth for a public she never sees
walking ping-pong left and right
down crowded streets of gallopingly long cracks
in sidewalks built by burly men with glistening
sweat, pouring down shots in bars to erase
every blister gained, to keep down the man that
keeps him down in the parchment paper walls.

he sees a woman reading a magazine, legs swung up
like the curve of cushion below her. he will never know
where those legs start and where they begin:
he just knows he wants to be between them, rubbing the
life right out of his own eyes, erasing the color... takes another
shot and feels the mood sweep over him like a big bright
lemon yellow day, followed by the darkness of
night night night in the streets

old blind men playing together in the circle
of dust formed around the streetlamp.
crickets like a symphony feeling the background
and big john crooning the saddest thing your
heart could ever hear, like an invisible gravity
pulling you in, moaning at the night sky and asking
for the stars to cry back in respite. howling his tune like
a bitch in heat, making music out of the silence around him.
feeling alive for the first time since his death
twelve years ago slipped between the lips of some
french whore moaning slow and soft about the pricetag on
her love. he positively lusts for the evening dusk
that falls all over the misty blue eyes of men everywhere,
pouring into the ground and feeling the whole world
stop to change scenery and take a fabulous slow
drag on a mentholated cigarette.


Author's Note: An English assignment to create a beat work so it is slightly over-the-top beat-ly embellished but I really did end up liking it and I read it at one of my most recent poetry readings.

Posted on 12/12/2003
Copyright © 2021 Lacey Smith

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