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Something old, something new

by Amy Niggel

I see behind my eyes a world which many discredit,
a world of elemental colors and simple shapes
of well ordered chaos
A world where things are simply for the art of being
where things make sense simply because they don't and that is what makes the most sense for them
I see beyond my eyes
a world trying to be something it never will
civilization has always been the farthest thing from civilized
we have rules that we seek to uphold by breaking
we have a moral standard that does not conform to any thing that is really moral
we have technology that is slowly bringing about the end to us
we have polite society and class structure which is anything but polite
we have all this shit that everyone thinks is important
and then we have the things that no one even considers
we have history
we have art
we have pride and hubris
we have the same things we've always had
always taken for granted.
we have the same old stupidity that has gotten us here
and a new ignorance that will carry us much further.
We still have that world of elemental colors
of simple shapes
and ordered chaos
we just choose to ignore it
the world began there
it will end there
we are just killing the time inbetween.


Author's Note: uhh yeah listening to punk music leads to very odd poetry. sorry about this one if it doesn't make much sense.

Posted on 10/29/2003
Copyright © 2021 Amy Niggel

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kalikala Smith on 11/02/03 at 08:00 PM

i really like this. things that i've been thinking for ages but never in words... thanks for giving them a place to land.

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