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Aren't you tired yet? (possibly the longest poem I have)

by Amy Niggel

The trappings of this life
The People, The people, the people,
your family,
parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents and so on and on
all telling you what you should do.
The brothers, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. etc.
all fighting, tearing each other apart
everyone a separate voice
all gahtering in a great chorus
simply to tell you what you've done wrong.
Your friends
best friend, old friend, new friend, and on
all smiles and warm words
the one who left, hurt, or lied to, you
all smiles and warm words, concealing knives
all dancing in memories
each seperate
all leaving marks on your life.
The rest of the world
the people you don't know, the strangers
always around you.
The people you know but not really,
politicians, celebrities, others
talking you into things you don't realize.
The Places, The places, the places,
Your home, home town
you feel safe, secure
you are warm and calm
but not really.
Your country, your state
how you identify
who you are, what you are
but not really.
Your world
this small orb
this giant space
Everything you see
All around you affect you
The Things, The things, the things
the material things
your car, your house, your money,
everything you want
everything you own
The tangible things,
your emotions, your drive, your heart,
things you cannot own
things you barely know
things you have no want of.
The intangible things
the things you never think og
your breath, your heartbeat, your life
things you annot live without
The People, The Places, The Things
you may believe you know them,
you may even believe you have control.
You may find however you are wrong.
The people
you may think you have control
you may think you have an affinity
in truth they have you
you act as they expect
you do as you are told
you react to situations they enact.
they have you not you them.
The places
you may think they are safe for you
you may feel important
you may believe you have an impact
but the world spun before you
and it will continue after.
The things
you think you own them
they own you
you believe you rule them
they rule you
you react as the world and all that is in it decrees
you may believe you are strong
you may believe you are weak
no matter what you are you wish you were not.
no matter what you are not something you wish you were.
Why care what the world thinks?
Why act as the people's puppet?
You have a mind and a heart
for G_d's sweet sake use them!
You were not given talent to waste
nor life to squander.
Being something you aren't takes so much.
Lying to yourself, people places and things
can drain your body's eneries.
Daylight like night is not to be feared
it is to be taken in awe
for in your twillight years
you may find you have less.
the people, the places, and the things you knew
have faded are lost, have been destroyed.
then what will you turn to
to tell you who you are
for by that time you will have fought
this war so long
that your eyes will be heavy
your feet will be sore
your heart ache for rest
so tell me now
Aren't you tired yet?
Aren't you tired of living what others want?
live for you, for who you want to be.
people may fade with time
places my be lost to this world
things may be destroyed
but your soul willnot lose power
even when your body loses strength
so be who you are
do not restrain your soul
let it flourish in the light
and revel in the dark
let it shape you, mold you
into who you are to be
rahter than fight
with yourself at all times
learn to love who you are
despite what others say
no one is perfect
yet made in G_d's image we all are.
no single living creature is more beautiful
than one who has let thier sould mold thier life
so give up the fight
lose the war
give up all your conventional thoughts.
what you learned is wrong,
what you known forgot,
Let your defenses rest
and your soul flourish.
For your body has made a journey
longer than anything else
and your sould is asking your mind
Aren't you tired yet?


Author's Note: I don't actually expect anyone to read this whole thing as it is quite long, and honestly written with the only intent of making me feel good about myself so no one else may understand it at all. Oh well I feel better already.

Posted on 10/08/2003
Copyright © 2023 Amy Niggel

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