What You've Got

by Corey Drover

In a world where secrets are like lies
my cold bones feel like the past
I’ve learned to be lost by losing it all
and defeated by the one best equipped to the task

Disingenuous scribblings spun on my page
like a web of blame on a rainy day
If only honesty were in me to give
I might better explain my explanations

True artists die a million times with
every perceived misstep and rise once more
with but the most hollow of praise
I’ve never lived for it so it can’t kill me

Elevated status red so be on cautious alert
while you go about walking away
Only here does the lie become the truth
As long as you are cryptic enough

Rape the kindred spirits with deception
If you make it sound good they will bite
And what then will be the answer
to questions unasked floating in the air

Just rip it out by the root to ensure
that it will never return to weigh you down
A series of events led to this clarity,
a ghostly element of truth in a sea of adjectives

I am a fraud and that’s what you’ve got
A masterpiece of bullshit placed at your feet
to do with what you will in these
almost lucid moments before dawn

Neglect the comfort emptiness brings you
and embrace regret in all of its forms
Repent to the world, say it loud
I’m happy but attention starved

You and I both smile with grins that are full
of widening gaps in their sincerity
We know and are resigned to the fates ahead
Mired in self indulgence with the muck and the worms

Walk with me hand in hand down the garden path
On our way to redemption in the halls of openness
Dead leaves aren’t falling and you’ve got a good job
And in the end there are only words


Posted on 08/28/2003
Copyright © 2020 Corey Drover

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