A Dragon Tale

by Kate Demeree

Introduction to A Dragon Tale

Where this tale may take you, or what all it may tell…
Come with me Dear Reader to the land where Dragons Dwell.
Some may breath you fire and simply pass you by
Beware I beseech you…the ones that rule the sky.
Dragons come in many forms, and can change their shape at will
They live across the ocean, and here upon the hill.
Theirs is the breath that warms the land in the spring…
Theirs is the tune that you hear your lover sing
When it comes the summer and there is heat upon the land
Then is the time that they take the form of man
If you have a daughter and live here in the dell…
Dear Friend take my warning, in the summer guard her well.
If she has a spirit…and eyes of sky like hue
Then my friend beware…keep her close to you
Once there was a mage who lived here in this land
With a daughter born of water, who cooled the burning sand
Each summer night she would walk beneath her mother moon,
Every morning on her return she’d hum a haunting tune
She walked as in a dream a smile upon her face
And not a man could woo her nor still her restless pace
As her fathers daughter she came into her own
He knew she had great power he’d watched as it had grown
He had taken notice when his daughter walked the night
And refused each suitor as had been within her right
The rest of my story… the tale that I will tell
Was told me by the nurse maid who remembers very well
She never knew the mother she only knew the mage...
Once when she asked of her… he had flown into a rage
Now then here’s my story… and you will plainly see
Sometimes we get no quarter…
From the call of destiny …

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Cloaked all in black, with eyes of blue
Bathed by the moonlight she is walking through
Within the breast, beneath the cloak,
A heart of stone, that is chipped and broke
Within the eye, a darkening pool,
Within the mind, a thought… You fool.
With every step into the night,
She vows to claim, what is her right.
Within her hand there glows a rod,
It marks for her the path to trod.
Step by step she seals her fate
And now beholds the Iron Gate
Beyond this porthole lies her goal
Within the valley her captive soul

He’d danced for her a dance of desire
With velvet tong, and eyes of fire
In the valley and beneath the moon
Her heart he’d stolen all to soon
He’d carried her into the sky
In his passion taught her to fly
Eye to eye and breast to breast
North to south and east to west
From the dawn to the set of sun
Until ‘twas finished what they’d begun
While she lie there in his arms
Reveling in his loving charms
He did wrest her soul away
Err had begun another day

For he was spawned of dragon seed
A maiden’s soul had been his need
He had looked into her eye
As he swept her through the sky
Cradled her within his arm
Wooed her with his dragon charm
When he had viewed her desire
It had stoked his dragons’ fire
He’d matched her step with practiced ease
Then lifted her on his heated breeze
Brushed aside her golden hair
Bathed her neck with his scented air
Inhaled her essence, and caressed her skin
And she had blindly …let him in.

As she walks within the night
She draws to her an ethereal light
She can feel the call begin
She hears it echoed on the wind
Every step, within that place
Is writ with emotion upon her face
This is where it had all begun
With dragon born of fire and sun
Now she walks and holds the rod
To light the path that they had trod
As she stands beyond the gate…
She knows she must not hesitate
Sorceress born of water and moon
Who’d been tempted by the dragons tune

She walks beneath her mother moon
Humming softly a haunting tune
With each step she gathers might
Building up the ethereal light
She thinks of all the mage had said
She can’t believe that he is dead
She had seen him start to sway
As she’d tried to break away
“Release me sire” she’d tried to plead
Just before she’d seen him start to bleed
“You’ll not walk alone this night,
I will make you do what’s right
Do not turn your sight from me…
On THIS night you’ll not roam free”

“I should have known it all along
The tune you hum is a dragon song
It ‘s not the same as it used to be
When she used to hum for me…
Oh …the tune she sang was sweet
Beneath the moon when we used to meet”
Dragon born of water and moon…
She stole my heart all too soon.
On the day that you were born
It was a cold and frosty morn
My love did look me in the eye
And sadly whisper a soft good-bye
She vowed to take you to the lair
She said that you’d be happy there”

“Into the air she had flown…
Leaving me here all alone.
As I walked the wooded path...
Pain did fuel my lonely wrath
She had to leave…I understood…
But you’d been destined for the wood
I had been her steadfast steed
How could she do this dreadful deed?
I was doomed to walk the earth
That was what her love was worth
Had given her my valued seed
And she fulfilled my every need
Our child it was understood
Would be the one to guard the wood”

A Golden Horn beneath the sand
And promises to save the land
A dragon’s ways she did forsake
For the child our love would make
Word had spread thorough out the land
Hope for the future was at hand
The fate the old ones had foretold
Of a land lost for the gold
That was not the fate to be
For our love would set all free
Now without my Golden Horn
I was no more unicorn
For our love to set us free…
I must keep you here with me”

“The Golden Horn I did retrieve
To pierce the beast who did deceive
The wooded path I did trod
Led forward by that golden rod
Deep within the darkest night
Taking what had been my right
Every step within that place
In my mind I nightly trace
Every sound with-in the wood
Said this night would bode no good
I could hear her siren call
Whispering softly beyond the wall
Within the wall an iron gate
Still …I did not hesitate”

“In pain and anger I lashed out
Golden sparks flew all about
When I struck ‘twas with all my might
“Give Me the child, she is My Right”
The iron gate it could not stand
Not before my magic hand
Beyond the wall beyond the gate
With dragon call my love did wait
As I looked into her eye
Soft escaped a final sigh
Her mortal form she did spurn
To dragon form she did return
With silver wings to soar the sky
And haunting tunes to lure men by”

The words then that she spoke to me
Were meant to ward off destiny
“Oh my love …you foolish man,
I plead with you… to understand
This is where the babe must be
Within the hill beneath the tree
In your anger do not spurn
The love you gave and I return
Else before the rise of sun
What we sought to stop …will have begun
Already it is growing warm
And I am trapped in dragon form
The earth rejoiced when the babe was born
Until… the moment... you retrieved ...the horn…”


No my love…do not come near
Words you speak they will not hear
You who vowed to give up all
Now rod in hand stand within the wall”
I only meant to pass her by
And never looked into her eye
I knew I could not persevere
If I should view the dragons tear
I made the move toward the lair
I thought to catch her unaware
When I did she gave a start
And I did pierce… my lovers heart”

“Her form did change before my eye
And dragons tears no more she’d cry
They now were gone except for two
I carry one and so do you
Within the locket upon your breast
With a chain of gold from the dragons nest
When she breathed her final sigh
Golden sparks filled the nighttime sky
All the earth screamed out in pain
Then began the golden rain
Every where a drop did light
A fire burned in the dark of night.
As I sobbed into her silver hair
I heard you cry within the lair”

“As I lay her down to rest
A lump of ice within my chest
I vowed to keep you here with me
You’re all I have of her you see
When I neared the Dragon lair
Golden fire was everywhere
In the hill beneath the tree
Where the dragon lord was said to be
I found you laid beside a box
With golden chains and silver locks
Dragon gems in your golden hair
Bits of treasure scattered everywhere
You lay before the dragon throne
Crying softly all alone”

“As I turned to leave that place
I beheld the lord of the dragon race
Oh…it was a humbling site
To view the dragon in all his might
I looked into his eyes of changeling hue
As the Dragon Lord looked at you
When he chanced to look at me
His anger it was plain to see
He stretched out his silver wing
And drew in the air a golden ring
Within the ring there was a view
Now I know it was of you
Beside the ring he drew another
In this ring I beheld your mother”

He drew a third, which was not clear
Still my heart it filled with fear
The Dragon Lord looked me in the eye
He shook his head and did reply
“As you have taken my child from me
So will a dragon take thine from thee
You promised us to forsake all
To live in peace with within this wall
We gave to you a human shell
A place for your magic self to dwell
You were granted my daughters hand
And both pledged peace for all the land
You relinquished your Golden Horn
So the child could be born

My daughter gave her dragon heart
You have held it from the start
The child that was destined to be
The one my daughter bore for thee
You hold it now within your arms
But it will know a dragons charms
The dragon wood we sought to save
It now becomes my daughters’ grave
The third ring that is yet to be
A future you’ll not live to see
But you’ll regret what you’ve done this day
And for your acts you’ll be made to pay
When the child is woman grown
Then is when you will atone

The wood you guarded so jealously
Now brightly burns for all to see
While we must leave our dragon home
All the earth we have to roam
You… oh foolish unicorn…
Will walk the beach where the child was born
And when at last the wood has grown
Back to this mountain we will have flown
The child born of water and moon
She shall hear the dragons’ tune
‘Tis then she’ll know a dragons’ charm
‘Tis then your soul she will alarm
She will acquire your magic power
And you will live… your final hour”

“One day you will feel the pain and fear
I’ve sealed within my daughters tear”
Having given this prophecy
The Dragon Lord reached out to me
There within that silent place
Held within a winged embrace
He placed a chain upon my fear
Sealed it within your mothers tear
Within a locket upon my breast
Where it shall forever rest
Then he looked into my brain
He let me feel his dragon pain
Again he looked upon your face
Said, “Behold the future…an emerging race”

Till it is to late you’ll forget all
You’ll not remember the Dragon Wall”
He breathed on me with scented air
From that moment I was unaware
Each night as I lay down to rest
I feel the tear upon my breast
When I hear the night wind sigh
My love does sing me a lull-a-bye
Though what I view within the dream
Awakes me with a nightly scream
I walk within a burning land
And grasp a rod within my hand
I hold you tightly to my breast
Walk forever and can not rest

Until I reach the sandy shore
And my feet can move no more
The rod that is within my hand
Shoots liquid gold and burns the sand
It is the beach where you were born
Where now resides my Golden Horn
Do not walk alone this night
Guard the wood do what is right
Now you are a woman grown
Tonight the time I must atone
Memories of the dreadful deed
I committed to fulfill my need
Captured here within this tear
Dragon pain and unicorn fear”

Again in her mind she sees him fall
Knowing he had told her all
She feels once more his final sigh
As a silent tear falls from her eye
She had held him to her breast
Then placed him beneath the sand to rest
And there had been the Golden Horn
Of her father the unicorn
It called to her to come and see
It promised answers to the mystery
If she would hold it within her hand
It promised her she’d understand
It had shown her the Dragon Wall
She heard within the dragons’ call

Cloaked all in black, with eyes of blue
Bathed by the moonlight she is walking through…
Upon the breast beneath the cloak
A dragon tear and a heart that’s broke
Within the eye, a darkening pool
Within the mind, a thought… you fool
With every step into the night
She prays she is doing what is right
Within her hand the golden rod
That marks the path for her to trod
Step by step she seals her fate
For now she stands beyond the gate
Within the valley that holds her soul
Stands Dragon Mountain… her goal

As she steps within the wood
She can sense where her mother stood
She knows that she must persevere
Still she stops …to caress the tear
Wishing… that as she had grown
Her mothers love she could have known
She hears a rustle of the leaves…
And feels the air blow through the trees
Still she stands with heavy heart
Waiting for the message it would impart
The birds that sit within the trees
Nestling in the scented breeze
Yes she knows the call’s begun
And will continue until all is done

She can feel his want and sense his need
Still it is a call she can not head
She must walk within the night
It is her task to do what’s right
She holds tightly to the rod
And the path begins to trod
The rod will tell her what is best
With its help she’ll pass the test
Within her hand she feels a spark
The golden rod has made its mark
Placed it there for the world to see
For she is the child of destiny
As she looks into her hand
She beholds a golden brand

The golden brand is of the moon
And it vibrates to the dragons tune
It seems the call is stronger now
She must resist…but does not know how
She can remember the dragons’ fire
As he lifted her ever higher
And still can hear the dragon sigh
As he looked her in the eye
Remember yet his dragon charm
Still feel the strength within his arm
Taste the honey of his kiss
No…she must think like this
‘Twas he who stole her very soul
She must retrieve it … that was her goal

Every step…every breeze….
Every sigh within the trees
Memories of their first embrace
The time they loved within this place
Haunting her within her mind
A pair of eyes…the dragon kind
Eyes that are of changeling hue
Eyes that steal the breath from you
The kind that wrest your soul away
While you gaily laugh and sway
To the tune the dragon sings
And all pleasures that he brings
As she nears the dragon nest
She feels a heat within her chest

Deep within her, her being cries
How could I believe his dragon lies?
I even helped him to reach his goal
I handed him my mortal soul
She holds tight now to the tear
Of dragon pain…and unicorn fear
In a clearing in the wood
There before her the dragon stood
Oh… he was wondrous to behold
With eyes of silver… and hair of gold
He did walk with manly grace…
Strength and power etched upon his face
In the air upon the breeze
A haunting whisper…”come to me…fly with me…please”

“I am born of dragon seed
it is my love that now you need
you have tasted of dragon desire
I have touched you with my fire
When I loved you in the sky
You felt how…it is to fly
Within the scent of dragon skin
And you did beg me… to come in
Now deep within my dragon breast
Your mortal soul has come to rest
You did not feel alarm
While you drank of dragon charm
What is it now that you fear?
Your own desire… or what’s in the tear”

She knew she should keep her head…
Not listen to what the dragon said
So many memories in this place
But of his love she saw no trace
She began a lull-a-bye
As she looked into his eye
She knew he was dragon spawn
She had known it all along
She sang to him without a fear
And never shed a single tear
She had heard his dragon song…
Now she chose to sing along
Would he hear… could he know
How much now would she show?

Their forms did soar into the sky
The song no more a lull-a-bye
They danced the dance of desire
Blended it with ice and fire
A steamy mix of fire and rain
There within that astral plain
Beneath the sun…beyond the moon
While both did sing a dragon tunehe did breath upon her skin
Daring her to let him in
She did stoke the dragon fire
Tempting him to take her higher
When he held her breast to breast
He felt the tear between them pressed

Then she took him for a ride
And no longer did he guide
She took him to her starry home
The entire universe they did roam
Every step along the way
She taught him to love and play
She would look him in the eye
And take him higher into the sky
They had fulfilled their every need
And she had done a dreadful deed
Though he had taught her how to fly
And to soar the starry sky
She had taught him how to love
In the heavens high above

But now it was the morning bright
And she would claim what was her right
With the hand the rod did mark
She shot out a golden spark
Deep within the dragons chest
Where her mortal soul did rest
Now there began a liquid rain
And she did have her soul again
He gazed upon the sorceress there
And still… he was unaware
“Give me back…what you gave to me
For without it I can not be free”
Was his roar of fire and pain
As he snatched her back again

He did bare his dragon chest
And upon it there was a crest
“ Finish the job… that you did start…
Take my life… rip out my heart”
Now she lay within his arm
Still she felt no alarm
As she stayed within his hold
She spoke the words that were foretold
“One may take and one may give
One may die and one may live
Or both may hold onto the rod
And choose the path that they would trod…”
For the dragon born of fire and sun
Her heart and soul had surly won

“View me now and you will see…
It is the time of prophecy…
For there sits upon my hand
A glowing living golden brand
And there… upon your massive chest
Sits… the fiery golden crest…
Water and moon…fire and sun
To do the deed that must be done
Choose to love… choose to give
Both of us may freely live”
Speaking thus she gave him her hand
Showing him the living brand
She took the rod that was her guide
Looked at him with love and pride

Placed the point against her breast
Where the dragon tear did rest
Again they were in the Dragon Wood
She prayed that he understood
“Oh dragon love don’t make me cry
Give me a kiss to dry my eye…
Hold me my love forever near
And I … will have … no fear”
Now was the time… this was the test
He placed the rod against his chest
And he did draw her ever near
Till it did pierce both chest and tear
All the world ceased to exist
When at last… they kissed

Two forms now became as one
And shine with fire and golden sun
As the stars fall from the sky
Gather them and lift them high
There begins a gentle rain
Seeding the earths fertile plain
Every creature… there below
Then beheld a golden glow
And there beneath the mother moon
All could hear the dragons tune
Now within the night time sky
Two golden dragons swiftly fly
Peace now reigns upon the earth
Of dragon love and unicorn mirth


Posted on 05/16/2003
Copyright © 2021 Kate Demeree

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by David R Spellman on 05/16/03 at 10:02 PM

Great to see this one back again and nice to have another read. A complex, magical tale it surely is!

Posted by Christina Bruno on 05/20/03 at 05:29 AM

this was well worth the wait, i love it. it was really excellent, kate

Posted by Kalikala Smith on 05/20/03 at 07:05 PM

lovely poem... i was a bit taken back when i saw this title... i have a poem with the same title... i like yours better;)

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 05/22/03 at 12:46 AM

Remarkable fantasy! There is a keen sense of anticipation and suspense.

Posted by Charles E Minshall on 05/22/03 at 04:43 AM

Had me enthralled all the way Kate. Very well done .....Charlie

Posted by Ken Harnisch on 05/24/03 at 05:56 PM

Vividly imagined....great story telling! it is good to see this posted again...and you should think of having this published! I mean it!

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