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Nature Lover

by Amy Niggel

The rain falling gently
caressing my skin
the tiny mouths of this world
kissing me sweetly
on my neck and hands
and face
kissing my mouth moistly.
The wind
it moves against my clothing
caressing my skin
leaving it cool and excited
and wanting of more
as it moves its fingers through my hair.
The sun touches too
warming me to ideas
and overtures,
sweeping over me
in grand gestures
of a loving kind
taking my face in its massive hands.
The earth comes to me
wakes me with its gentle scent,
making me think of new life
of growth and beginings
of death and decay
that all things are connected in a giant circle
it holds me to it's heart.
The fire
it burns me
makes me think of convictions I have long lost
fills me with anger
and passion
as it licks at my fingers
trying ever more to pull me in.
Nature is a gentle lover
a coarse and rough lover,
a sweet and warm lover,
an inspiring and moving lover,
a cruel and passionate lover.
and I am a lover of all of it.


Author's Note: Not too crazy about the end, may need to rework that if and or when I find time I guess.

Posted on 04/01/2003
Copyright © 2021 Amy Niggel

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