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by Scott Cadence

This goes out
to how it feels
when your Alone

When your mind is once again your own
in-between headphones
as the pistons fire into action

a feeling
has made you wonder
why things must end

By songs
that hit all the right notes
like the alignment of a key into jaws of a lock
turning inward
the pressure of my vessel
capsizing -
from the pain of hardened days
to the surface

Complies into a directory of ‘Self’
that others collect
like old numbers that don’t have a name
and your too afraid to call
and too scared to throw away –
I become   s   c   a   t   t   e   r     e       d

Like the piercing arrows soaring through war
to steel away life
the thoughts rain down -
scale alongside the broadcasting signal
of my SOS –
trying to bring my words
into unison


Posted on 03/26/2003
Copyright © 2024 Scott Cadence

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