The Place of Rest

by Lori I Wolfe

The Place of Rest

The winding road is dark and empty

Seen over the wheel ahead of me

The moon is bright to shine the night

But shadowed trees is all I can see

They reached across the path I drive

Scratching my metal frame

The place I searched for in the night

Was a place that has no name

They say the dead wander there

Looking for a place to rest

Cries are heard throughout the land

A place that’s quite possessed

The quest I’m on that pulls at me

Comes from a frightful sight

My friend was in an accident

And died in a car crash tonight

I never got to tell him things

That were buried within my heart

I wander to the land ahead

With the secrets I will impart

I drive across a wooden bridge

That wobbles as I pass

Moaning ‘til I reach the edge

Where the path is covered with grass

With flash-light in hand

I climbed from my car

Stepping into the night

Hoping it wasn’t too far

I head through the shadowed trees

In search for my friend

Turned on the light to guide my plight

And found I came to the end

An iron gate painted black

Stood in front of me

The chain that ran through the posts

Had slipped and came free

Stepping through the iron gate

Walking past the graves

Up ahead within the rocks

I saw the opening to the caves

As I drew close I heard the ghosts

They were whispering in the wind

And as I turn to face them down

the trees all seemed to grin

With nothing there but empty air

I climbed the marble stairs

I peeked inside with my light

As I silently said my prayers

I stepped into the center room

And whispered for my friend

A crack opened in the wall

Beckoning me to come in

A golden light shined so bright

Giving off a warm glow

Angels floating all around

As they sighed a sweet hello

The ceiling was opened to the sky

For the stars to peak inside

The Angels gathered on the ground

To help the souls outside

On the floor there was a light

That reached out toward heaven

I looked around the room in fright

In search for my friend Devin

I watched as souls became a glow

To begin their journey homeward

Up they rose into the sky

They left the world with out a word

Tears spilled from my eyes

streaming down my face

As Devin walked into the room

And touched me with his grace

He stood there smiling at me

Not wanting me to be sad

He was on his way back home

So he wanted me to be glad

My heart was breaking with the thought

He was leaving as I’d stayed

No more holding me when I hurt

Or guiding me when I strayed

He said his lesson was over now

It was time for him to go

He touched my face with tenderness

And said there is something you should know

You’ve been my friend for many years

Your love, I will always treasure

You’re stronger then you realize

And your worth should always be measured

Your heart is filled with a loving glow

That hides deep within your soul

You think that man has taken that

And you are not quite whole

You are wrong to feel this way

For your cup still runneth over

Your love for life and all you touch

Helps keep you feeling warmer

I love you friend with all my heart

I will see you in your dreams

I will help you up when you fall

And calm you when you scream

I will always be with you

So when you call my name

I’ll be there to hold your hand

And your fears I will tame

He kissed me then on the cheek

Smiling ear to ear

Then stepped back into the light

And slowly disappeared

My journey home was silent

Absorbing all I’d seen

I never got to tell him

All the things inside of me

But when Devin left for home

He knew I loved him so

Tears slipped from my face

For I hated to see him go

But when I close my eyes at night

I know I’ll see him there

With a big old heart to shine the light

I will know that someone cares


Posted on 10/08/2002
Copyright © 2022 Lori I Wolfe

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by David R Spellman on 12/30/02 at 10:57 PM

This is a tremendously touching poem Lori. At first haunting, then so magical and at last so sad yet hopeful and comforting. A must read for anyone who has suffered loss. Excellent!

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