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Last Letter (Dedicated to those who never made it home on 9/11)

by Charles M Harrison

The light is getting dimmer, I feel so cold.
I did not think I would see this day until I was very old.
There are some things I must say, before the long sleep.
I thought I would have more time, but now they just won't keep.
My dear wife, you are the greatest love I have ever known.
I wish I could hold you one more time, but I'm not going to make it home.
I never told you enough how much your love has meant.
In a short while, I can thank God, for I know you were heaven sent.
If I could just look, once more, at the love written on your face.
It hurts me so to think that tears will soon be in it's place.
I gave you my heart so long ago, and you have kept it for me.
Not even your love can protect it now from what must be.
There is so much more I need to tell you, but time is getting short,
And I want to tell all those I love what is in my heart.
My son, I want to tell you, because I doubt that you knew.
How proud I am to be your dad, and how much I love you.
I know that I was tough on you, and I hope you understand.
I only wanted you to become the best kind of man.
I am so sorry that I won't get to see, the man you will grow to be
Please be good to your mother and sister, and take care of them for me.
Oh my little daughter, with hair so full of curls,
I will miss your little dances, with your dips and swirls.
My little princess, I hope you know that my love is true.
I wish I had just a little more time to spend with your brother and you.
I am sorry that I won't be there to watch you grow in the coming years.
I know that I will miss so much, and it fills my heart with tears.
Help out your mother and just do whatever you can,
And be nice to your brother it's a hard road to becoming a man.
Mom and Dad, what can I say, I thank God to you I was born.
I know this is not how it should be, but for me please don't morn.
The life I had was good enough, and you did your best.
I know with parents like you I was truly blest.
My brother, and sister, I loved you as much as any brother could.
My thoughts of you now are of happy times and only of all the good.
Be with Mom and Dad, and help them make it through the rough time ahead,
And please forgive me for any mean thing I might have ever done or said.
To my best friends, I will miss the times that we spent,
Laughing, talking, just being together, I doubt if you knew how much they meant.
I knew I could count on you when I was in the most need.
I ask one last favor or you, I beg, no I plead.
Be with my wife and my little ones, let them know that I did care.
Please try to help them understand why their dad is no longer there.
I love you, and I will miss you all, now you know what was in my heart.
It's getting so hard to write and all around seems so dark.
Well my Lord I am finished, I have said all I have time to say.
I see the angels are coming now to speed me on my way..........


Posted on 08/05/2002
Copyright © 2023 Charles M Harrison

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Michelle Angelini on 08/31/06 at 12:50 AM

Wow, I'm not usually a fan of long or rhyming poems, but this cut straight to my heart. And with another anniversary of that day coming soon, it it so relevant. This could be universal for anyone leaving life and knowing they'd never see family and friends again, but it's especially poignant for this one day and the bravery and tragedy that took our nation, as well as the world, by shock. Excellent Charles...

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