Her Everlasting Gift (Her Perfect Gift pt.3)

by Corey Drover

The flower rose from the ashes
triumphant like the phoenix
It's firey glow illuminates the new path

Bloodied pride begone today
for now I understand
Petty grievances wilted the gift
and it's petals fell to the might
of the burden of righteousness

Formerly treated like some fool's gold
And I was that fool

A paper's reincarnation from gray dust
blowing in the wind to full fledged
rebirth invigorates time itself
and transports me back to an age
before the toll was taken

The innocence may never be reclaimed
but I have been granted that
second chance we all long for

Once recieved a gift can never be returned
and never be destroyed
Regret must never spoil the purity of
a selfless act and must never cloud
a vision of love

That same regret is the mistress
of the idle heart and should be lost
in the muck of the past

The waking dream of sensible lodgings in the
soul is a humble telling of how not to proceed
True greatness only comes with true risk
What is greater than the thundering heat
from a fire not quite extinguished
from the heart
Transferred from the prior flames of remorse

The flower vibrates softly as if to say
it is indestructable since it is nothing more
than a representation of something
that has always been true

The price has been paid and luckily
all it had cost was a drop of time
The rose has given me my scars
and I wear them proudly for the first time
One's sight becomes blurred easily when the
evil gremlin that is jealousy arrives

A cloud filled night while sitting
in the outskirts I see her new gift
One solitary streak of light
sent from many miles away
streaking across the dreamscape

I may swim the seas of delight again
while I ponder the reasons for
the flower's new breath because
I know my subliminal attempts to sabotage it
had come to fruition yet here it is in my hand

I do not complain though because it
is just another whim of destiny
and if this is what it wants, I shall obey

I raise my glass here in bliss to
the return of something that almost
may never have been
Do I mean love or do I mean a
drawing of a flower?
The truth is they are one in the same


Posted on 06/27/2002
Copyright © 2020 Corey Drover

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