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by Brynn Dizack

i'm a city street
littered with you & your
understandable, yet
highly recognizable
personality traits;
i must admit that i think about you more than i probably should
could you know the way i saw
your face,
submerged in powderblue light
that night i could have
heard the way you smile
from a mile away
that's how
i know
]i love you[
isn't that the way
always using
overused clich├ęs
i keep them
bottled next to my bed
for chances like this to
use them instead of
"hello" or
"how are you" or
"what does that mean?"
and we're crying or
laughing or we're
somewhere in between

comes like
the cold // slow & creeping into
ever.y bone
ever.y joint-in-shadow
still weeping in agony
waiting for your touch
ever.y joint-in-light
i can't breathe or sleep
the way you make me ache
much too much
(too much)
ever.y muscle buckles,
ever.y strand of sinew
twists and stretches
creaking like an
old barn door or an
ancient rocking chair, the way

w i c k e r
when you settle yourself down
into it, that
w r e n c h i n g
noise echoes in my head
driving with only one eye open
is like missing you;
my depth-perception misconstrewed
you're someone i don't know anymore
someone i've seen once in passing
i can't remember what you look like, i
can't remember asking for your
phone number that night after six;

this day has come around and
so have i
i am the astroturf and
you are the sky in
this pretty picturesque
a f t e r n o o n
this polaroid
this 12-hour snapshot of the
rest of my life
all you had to do was
shine in
powderblue but you
went and made it snow
blanketing everything
C O M F O R T a b l e
everything i know in
white, so
fuck you and
get out, i
need the sun to shine


Posted on 06/18/2002
Copyright © 2022 Brynn Dizack

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