by Holly H Dunne

Remember those happy days before you left?
We would race amongst the whispering trees
The lilt of laughter singing on the breeze.
The gentle sunlight glowed and glitterd upon the peaceful pond.
We watched the fluffy white swans
Take the warm stale bread from our sticky palms.
We joyfully plucked the rainbow drops of colour from the green fields
You said I was the prettiest flower there.

Remember the seasons of winter we spent together?
Playfully tossing armfuls of freshly fallen snow
You lovingly brushed the flakes from my eyelashes
With a featherlight touch.
We warmed our frozen fingers by the fire's friendly breath,
The dancing flames picking out the copper in your hair, mirrored in mine.
Now, when I close my eyes, I can still feel your warm arms enveloping me with comfort.
The memory embraces me.
But its just a memory.

I have another memory gnawing at my mind.
Waiting at the door for you to come home and swing me through the air
The smell of bread and mint on your fuzzy faded overcoat.
I stared down the winding street from the sanctuary of the front door
Knowing you would sprint around the distant corner any second.
But with every minute Time snatched from me, my certainty faded.
My heart thumped out the beat in my head, pulsing the thoughts:
"he'll be back soon"
but you never came back.
A cold ache seized my heart and the pulse ceased.
Rivers of sorrow spilled from my once happy eyes
Confusion and anguish ripped at my soul
The sunlight smiled mockingly as it faded from the blood red sky
The last fingers of light waving good bye.


Posted on 01/21/2002
Copyright © 2021 Holly H Dunne

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Vimal Rony on 01/07/03 at 10:49 PM

Wow Holly what a way to narrate a such a facet in life.This is really moving not just coz of the incident but mainly coz of the wonderful way u have expressed this taking the reader along with you thru paths of wonderfully laid words which evokes the inner feelings.Such wonderful words and imagery and so moving.

Posted by Morgan D Hafele on 01/23/03 at 12:18 AM

once upon a time the sanctuary of the front door was comforting, i guess it no longer is when the one you're waiting for never shows... wonderfully written.

Posted by Max Phineas on 03/14/05 at 01:37 AM

This is just brilliantly written. Period. Lovely descriptions and very evocative.

Posted by Rebecca Lin on 03/29/05 at 06:37 AM

That's so sad and beautiful. You have great poetry.

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