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by Leandra K Brossard

Nobody knew what the horror had been
Before it came to decree
That it's reign of terror was about to begin..
None of them could see.
Not through his cordiality,
his well-cut suit
his neat mustache.
He was there for all to see,
They chose to dream with him instead.
This thing, this slime,
Less than a man,
And yet..
he had a plan.
A plan for the future, for life, for all.
They bought it, of course, and clung to his call.
The polling was tense and the voting was close,
And then, in the end, he won by a nose.
He rejoiced in his victory, knowing the truth.
They all misjudged him,
They thought him a "youth."
There was much cheering
and shaking of hands,
When an old stranger
Moved in toward the stand.
As he passed they grew silent,
a small pathway formed.
Curiosity grew
As light filled the door.
Who was this man and who could he be?
Then finally He noticed and He turned to see.
As He met the gaze of this quiet old man
He grinned in derision as only He can.
"See what I did?I turned them to ME.
All of their own will, each one of them's free.
They love me, they want methey raised me on high.."
He spoke over the hush but met nary and eye.
"I did it, just as you thought I could not,
I own them, they're mine, I stole from your lot."
The man only sighed and gave a small smile
And and burst into light that lasted a while.
Then He was before us, now made cringing and small
A wraith of a demon, a whimpering doll.
For only a second, then he too was gone.
Most women screamed, a few children cried
"All Hell broke loose," to be a bit snide.
No one liked discussing that day
So we didn't, we just hid it away.
We tore down that building
and built one anew
And that is all
we could think of to do.


Posted on 01/14/2002
Copyright © 2021 Leandra K Brossard

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Dana E Brossard on 03/07/03 at 11:58 PM

An excellent poem. Wonderfully written.

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