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Anthropomorphized Ignoramus

by Manas Moksha

why must we command our God to damn
the objects of frustration?
The teaching is more righteous than divine power
more patience than anger.

Why must we demand God to bless you
when you sneeze?
The teaching is empathic concern
not an ablution of evil spirits.

Why must God be masculinized without
the more motherly feminine counterpart?
The teaching is the composite energy
of two acting as one

God rears hir genderless presence
only to contrast the edges of conflict
But we know through reflection
there is no such thing as God
when we embrace the constellation of God and me
me and God

Who teaches us the way
when our teachers
know nothing of themselves?
When our days are filled
with an empty mind
why do we find the need to
inebriate it beyond complacency?

When the sun's rays
should give us it's inner peace
why do we not soak in it slowly?

When the law states
that we should follow
when is it that we should lead?

When we don't know
why do we pretend to understand?
Words become so shallow
like a virus feeding off of fleeting semantics
an atrophied experience

Where is true understanding and wisdom?
When our single cast
of a line with a plastic worm
and a paper hook
return nothing but a complacent aire
of done that been there

The medicine for our troubles
to remain purely reflective
sustained by yesterday
with fear of tomorrow
and greed for more
here we find our God


Posted on 11/04/2001
Copyright © 2020 Manas Moksha

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