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alone and lonely (kinda prose)

by Devon E Mattys

oops i did it again that's a song isn't it some modern song i don't yet know? you ask people this because you really don't know or maybe you're just pretending not to know so they will all know you don't approve. but you really have made a mistake again and you don't want to tell anyone because people will worry and be mad and get scared but you really feel like telling someone so you don't let it happen again but there's no one really to tell. no one really to tell and no one really who'd listen. but it never hurt it never hurts except maybe when you wash it because then the soap gets in there and stings something bad. and then you begin to wonder about the soap and maybe infection and what if something should happen and you get a disease or something from it you never sterilized the blade and someone finds out. that would be bad. but you've done something bad and you didn't mean to and you can't tell anyone and you just don't know what to do. damn you. this is what you get for being so alone that you resorted to this in the first place you're so alone that you can't even turn to anyone for comfort. you're just so alone with no one. alone and lonely. you have no one.


Posted on 11/03/2001
Copyright © 2021 Devon E Mattys

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