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by Devon E Mattys

It's a wretched feeling
To feel alone
To have only one person you can talk to
And that person doesn't want you.

And so you live your life
And it goes by
And you sit and wonder and wait
And there's always something there to distract you...
Some wall you can use or some piece of glass... or a rock

But then you find out
you could get into trouble...
...fines - oh no!
Can't have fines...
We're too poor for fines

And you don't want to wake the neighbors
So you look around
And look around
And sit and wonder and wait
And you're bored because
After all, there's really nothing to do

And your nose is running.
So you begin to wonder...
what would this be like if it were blood?
And something inside you wants to find out.
Something deep inside wants to know.

There are scissors in your desk drawer.

It's amazing how painless it really is.
You have a forehead, everyone does,
And you have both skin and skull there
And blood flowing underneath...
So it makes it easy.
You don't even notice
Until that blood that might not be blood
has covered your hands
And they've become too sticky
For you to touch anything...
so you can't even push yourself up and rise...


Posted on 11/02/2001
Copyright © 2021 Devon E Mattys

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