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The Journal of Tony Whitaker

12/12/2008 06:26 a.m.

What I am about to say may infuriate some of you. But I love America and I am tired of seeing all my fellow Americans affected by, at worst, the loss of their jobs or, at best, the drop in their standard of living.
Let me take the current crisis of the US Auto Industry. A century ago there was no GM, Ford or Chrysler (remember American Motors?). So why are we trying to save these lumbering inefficient giants which are sucking the life out of our economy, with their inability to:
• Change in becoming competitive among foreign car makers in quality.
• Change in becoming more efficient by allowing auto plants to remain in “closed shop” states. Until these plants move to “right-to-work” states and breaking the back of the UAW, the American auto industry will, as has always been, sell to the ignorant “patriots” who can’t believe another American would buy a foreign made car, as already said, even though the quality and reliability are so obviously inferior.
• Change the employee benefits’ structure which is adding $1600 to each GM car now produced in one of these “closed shop” UAW plants.
It is very simple really. I will quote a great man who foresaw the coming of the end of his nation. His name was Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of the Japanese Navy. He had lived many years in America attending both the U.S. Naval War College and Harvard University. So he knew Americans well and did not support the Japanese attack.
Standing on the deck of his flagship carrier, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he made a resounding statement that exemplifies what he knew about Americans and why I am proud to be an American. His visionary words rang out to his fellow officers, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve”. With the death of the American auto giants, the American ‘resolve’ will simply pick up the pieces of the industry’s infrastructure, move them to “right-to-work” states (as all the foreign car makers have already done with plants all through the South) and start a new industry of quality and competitive cars, because with so many people displaced from their livelihoods, America will be “filled with a terrible resolve”!
Let me make myself clear, there was once a time when Unions saved America. They put the money in the pockets of those who made products or delivered a service, rather than the greedy oligarchs that ran this country’s economy. But their time has come today to simply fade away until they once again will, most assuredly, be needed.

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