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Post-Christmas News...
12/28/2004 12:12 a.m.

Been so very busy since I've moved back home... Haven't had time to think until now. The day I moved back home, I also went to Stephanie's wedding :) and went to a Christmas party with the English dept from the high school where I'll be student-teaching... boy was that a long day. The party was interesting... There was a gift exchange, but presents could be stolen. I almost came home with huge bottles of Kaluah and Bailey's Irish Creme. But I ended up with a mini martini shaker haha. The teachers told me if I don't drink already, they'll have me drinkin by the end of the semester haha. One of them even gave me a drink with alcohol in it and said, "I just thought you might need this by now." jeez, didn't know teachers would be such heavy drinkers haha. It definitely was an interesting night. Other than that day, it's just been relatives, etc. for Christmas. Now that the holiday is over, things have calmed down and I have time to think about the semester ahead and the future and everything that is depressing. I've been having random spurts of sadness during times when I shouldn't be sad. Just hope it doesn't get worse...

(So many of the songs on the American Idiot CD are quite depressing and express how I'm feeling... haven't decided if it's a good thing I bought the CD yet)

I am listening to American Idiot CD by Green Day

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Posted by D. Xavier Bari on 01/03/05 at 12:59 AM

That's a great CD. Much of it really spoke to me as well, and it's ended up as my favorite disc from '04 (no kidding). I wasn't expecting that much, but it really blew me away with its energy and urgency. Anyhow, no sense in cluttering up the space here...feel to free to IM me for more on that.

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