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10/20/2005 01:11 a.m.
Something occured to me when I was reading a poem. I remember about 6 months back or so, me and my fiancee were at RenFest, when we came upon a little girl, about 5 years old, wandering around, lost and alone. You know that wide-eyed look of a child who went to something shiny and exciting and has no idea where their parents are at.

Me, being of a hero complex, went to her to see if she was ok. It wasn't like the RenFest had a Lost and Found (at least I wasn't aware of one) but my finacee told me "You can't just approach a little girl who's alone"

"Why not? She's lost."

"Because someone may think you're a bad person."

Unfortunately, she had a very good point. A little kid just wandering around, then you got some grown man who comes to her and basically takes her? First thoughts on this senario, anyone? It's sad that you can't just 'help' someone anymore without fear of legal issues, lawsuites, or incrimination. You can't even harm the man breaking into your house without some purview or damages filed against you. What a crock.

Me and my finacee ended up taking the little girl with both of us, hold her hands until we found her mother about 5 minutes later. The great thing about kids? They never really wander that far, their attention spans are too short. They usually get decked with the "Oh sh*t" bug pretty quick when they look for that comfort of mommy or daddy a minute or two later.

The mom was grateful. I wonder how she would have felt if it had only been me holding that little girl's hand? And I was only trying to help and do the right thing.
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Posted by Kim Bennett on 10/20/05 at 07:21 PM

Seriously, Renn fests would be the only time I would ever put my kid on a leash. Or at least constantly hold their hand, or, actually, leave them with a babysitter so I wouldn't have to put them on a leash, which is just stupid.

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