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i've been dreaming again.
10/28/2003 02:30 p.m.
this is a dream i had on 10/24:

it was kind of like a house of horrors, only not. the perspective in the dream was a little girl, probably around age six. the parts that i remember are her running around this cop car trying to get the attention of any adult that would help her. i went through the dream twice. literally twice. the first time she ran around the cop car, she got the cops attention and got into the car with him and he ended up killing her. the second time, with that knowledge, she got the cops attention and used him to create a distraction to buy her some time to get away from the men who were chasing her. i don't know if the city only ran on battery supply, or what, but she had gotten a certain ways away from the people chasing her, and there was a man with his head on a moter cycle, ready to cut her throat when the sirens went off and they said, "it's time to take them back." and someone else, unseen, said, "how will we catch her?" "we'll use wheels." and the little girl was running. there were trees, and old houses, it looked like somewhere in the south, and she ran, and ran, and ran, until she came to this huge HUGE house. probably 20 stories. maybe more. the motercycles all went to this big warehouse on their own, and out came these cars, and fire. lots and lots of fire. she walked into the house where there were all these children. and each one was carrying telephone chords, or some kind of wires. they were walking up the flights of stairs like drones and plugging each wire into a wall. the girl walked past them, up the first flight, and something happened, i don't remember what. i think the first time she didn't go up the stairs. she didn't go deeper into the house and everyone died. there was a man who's name i can barely see because i saw it in writing in my mind, but it said, "the new..." someone. and because she didn't go up the stairs, he killed himself, and the city was obliterated in fire. he stabbed himself through the eye with a knife that he had initially turned on someone else. his hand sunk into his throat. he was wearing a 1960s type tux. it was white. he looked like a weird, scrawny version of james bond. his eyes were blue and his hair was black. i watched him die and then it panned back to the girl. she was running again at the same spot with the cop and the motercycles. she again made it to the house, only this time, she didn't waste any time getting there, so she had more time before the fire came. again, the children were hooking up the wires. again, she was running up the stairs but this time she didn't stop. at one point there was a creature, looked kind of like a millepede, and nearly like a dog. she ducked beneath the creature and bolted up the stairs. more stairs. more children. more wires. more blue light. more fire. she ran, and ran, and there was a woman who was near a TV, or something, and came at the girl. she missed her, but there was this plug in that was connected to the rest of the wires and the whole thing exploded. right before it did, there was this huge mexican (who looked like eric) who asked the woman, whose face was impaled into the TV, whether she was okay or not. then a bigger explosion. this time the whole thing just went up. the girl ducked down and let the fire wash over her. it burned and charred everything. but when it started to settle, she ran down. there was a guy carrying another little black boy chasing her, and he kept saying that if the kid would just come to him, everything would be fine. she refused, and just kept running. he was covered in blood, and was holding a cigarette pack with his bandaged hand. he told her he would beat her seven times if she didn't stop running. he got closer, and nearly caught her, but she jumped over the railing and fell down probably 15 stories. some how she was able to survive and make it through the doors, and when she did, it was all over. O.o

and this morning, i woke up at 5:30 and i know i roused myself and i can see the doors, and hear someone saying, "how could you have locked it? you don't know the codes." and someone was haunting a house and there were like, eight of us. it was like 13 ghosts, all most...

last night i ran my car over a ghost, speaking of. it was the damnest thing. she just stood there. brown hair. curly. reminded me of the dream with the house, only older. she just looked at me, and was gone. i nearly had a panic attack because i ran her over. the car just.. passed through. yeah. and then this morning i went to put my hand on jennifer's thigh and there was a HUGE (i mean like, three inches big) grasshopper on her leg where my hand was going. poof. gone.

must go back to bed.
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