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Thoreau Day 2011
07/13/2011 05:44 a.m.
It's Thoreau Day (Henry's Birthday) and St. Erasmus Day (Erasmus' Death Day) as I also intend to call it. The sun is near setting, and a nearly full moon has risen in the Southeast.

I am impressed by the lush summer beauty of our valley. The late mountain snows, and heavy spring rains have increased the green and the growth. I feel blessed and thankful and "my soul (through the beauty of nature) doth magnify the Lord."

I'm still moved by the richness of last week's trip through Idaho and Montana to Alberta and British Columbia. Again, the wealth of Nature working in my heart, and to have stood at Great-Great-Grandfather Wight's grave in Cardston last Tusedy, and then seeing Great-Great-Grandma Wight depicted in the movie Seventeen Miracles on Saturday too says something to me about heritage, scacrifice, thankfulness and present-living conditions.

And now today they placed the Angel Moroni on the highest (Eastern) spire of the "being constructed" Brigham City Temple. It happend with difficulty from wind (We had rain this morning--light and warm, but I seldom walk my morning two miles on this day in the rain as I did today).

Cathy called this evening. She says there's still plenty of snow and mosquitoes at Camp Loll, but she said things are going as well as can be expected. So many years, when I think of camp, I feel myself connected and almost sense a part of me still up there--but not this year. It's been happening over the course of many years, but I've felt myself separating from both the place and the people--the life. (And I admit, I feel much the same about my place at Bear River.) I hope that it's age and that other things, other gifts and influences will fill in. It's always seemed that when one door closes, another opens.

Mom, Jan, and I had lunch today at Maddox with the Hawkes uncles and aunts (those that are left). It sometimes seems unreal that that aged and megre group is all that's left of the core of the family. We cousins are scattered and hardly know each other any more. I'll have to stop at Mike's and Dan's shop on the way up or back from Loll. It's become part of the summer tradition (though it too sometimes seems a bit "empty").

I've done nothing with art this summer. Actually, I did one lousy sketch of the Promontories from the west side, but it was so buggy with "no-see-ems" I just quit. And because it was bad, I didn't have much encouragement by it.

Tomorrow morning I have Student Council Meeting. I've missed as much as I've gone this summer--but we're all similar attendees during the summer. And school will be upon us soon.
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