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The Journal of Bertram Sparagmos

The Inheritance
05/27/2013 08:59 p.m.

Mouths to feed won't sleep till he arrives,
so he brings his work home.
Late nights waste away plotting a plan.
Tracing the steps he needs to take
till he says,

"My job is done.
You're old enough, it's time to leave
this home and go on your own.
I know it's hard, but it's not my problem anymore.
Not anymore."

Eyes closed children rest unaware,
so he keeps their light dim.
Angels hold their tongues up above
with a scowl shaking their fists
when he says...

"We had our run,
now you're old enough to run down your track,
so don't look back. I know it's hard but it's not
my problem anymore. Not anymore."

I am currently Affectionate
I am listening to Snoring

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I admit my mistake, but you will never know.
05/11/2013 01:06 a.m.
I flew head first into the light
The waves criss-crossing precise
In a dream, or was it life?

Through this door, all answers wait
So saddle of my steed
Where the lies live way beneath

Have I forgotten my place?
Did you already bait the hook and watch it sink?
I am currently Tired
I am listening to keystrokes

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