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The Journal of Curtis Sethaler

Chapter 1: Lessons on Everything
04/08/2012 03:25 a.m.
When does it matter what you believe? Believe in true love and lasting when the t.v. Brainwashes sad endings and melodrama into the mainstream.
Feed me and the masses this, till we become numb to love and only the emotions of lust and desire remain.
What about what I believe? True love, Forever, Lasting, Happiness and Trust. It’s hard enough to find one of these qualities in a person let alone all of them.
I am a hopeless romantic, destine to suffer for the cause of true love and the perfection of it. I believe heart and soul in the goodness of people. That people are naturally good and taught to hate.
I believe in love at first kiss and I have the Wife to prove it.
I believe in friendship and jealousy and the selfish ways men and women work to profit themselves a prize of money that they can’t take with them.
I believe in exploitation and the death of the American dream.
I believe in Faith, and I have it. I hate oil greed and dependence.
I believe I in my own Independence, but I know-------

Without my God, my friends, family, loved ones, and girl I would cease to be. I believe in the power of good intention even though the world may not. I believe in the greater good. In God, Jesus, and the story of them both, I have Faith, believe in Heaven and desire to get there. I am a Pisces and I believe that it is truly the dustpan of the Zodiac. I believe in purging myself by writing. Blame this rant on the stars.
I believe that only I am responsible for myself. I blame no one for the things I’ve done- I don’t lie if I can help it. I honesty think a smile can save the world and my day. I believe real friends are forever, and so is real love. I believe and know it is possible to feel alone in a room full of people, but also to feel at home in snowstorm when holding the one you love. I am alone right now and I feel it. I hate it. But I believe it will end and it will. .Dial the phone the lesson ends you have a friend you have a friend.

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