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The Journal of Arianna Woods

Master of the Arts. Sounds like a ninja.
04/04/2013 06:32 a.m.
Grad school is hard. That is all.

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Because sometimes change can be good.
07/31/2012 07:23 a.m.
So, after I wrote that long-winded entry, after I started the new job and finished my second-to-last semester as a college student, I decided to make changes.

It started when I totaled my car. It sounds bad, but really all I did was run over a curb, which punched a hole in my gas tank, obliterated my rear differential, and killed my transmission fluid pan. My parents gave me two thousand dollars for a new car. I, instead, chose a seven thousand dollar car and said I'd pay them back for the other five thousand. Been working on that since November 19th, when I got the new car. They gave me three years, which was very nice of them. I love my new car.

I love my new job. I have gotten two raises already and am now an order-writer for a section in the store. I have responsibilities. It's only pet food, but pet owners are a crazy bunch, especially those who only want organic grass-fed antibiotic free chicken kibble for their precious pooches. Whatever they want. Makes me happy if they're happy.

I dumped my boyfriend-then-ex-boyfriend-then-boyfriend-then-ex-boyfriend-then-boyfriend and now ex-boyfriend forever. It was time. He didn't think so. Although he did admit that he had recently cheated on me with the mother of his dead ex-best-friend's baby, and she gave him chlamydia. Thankfully I lost interest in sex with him a long, long time ago, so that was not an issue. I moved out of his apartment when the semester ended, which resulted in three weeks of us living together but being broken up. It was awkward. I stayed with my friend from work for most of those three weeks.

I started dating someone from work after that. His name is Asa. He is a healthy, non-alcoholic, bike-riding, video-game-playing, normal (as normal as they get) 25-year old. He is wonderful to me. My parents love him. This has never happened. I told him I loved him before he said it to me. That, also, has never happened. I cried when I told him. Again, never happened. I thought I loved Paul, but when he asked me to marry him, I said yes after a moment of inner debate, because I thought that "this is it. This is the only guy who wants to be with me forever." That turned out not to be true, but I think that if Asa does ever ask me (and he does not want to get married until he is thirty, thank god), I will cry. And I won't hesitate.

I moved in with Asa, and we have been together since December. Not particularly long, but it feels right.

So. New job, new car, new boyfriend, new house. Oh, and I graduated from college and am applying to graduate school. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it's the best. I can't write worth a damn anymore, but I am fine with that.
I am currently Calm
I am listening to some documentary about fracking

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Yeah, I'll admit it.
04/08/2011 05:08 p.m.
I lost my password for a decade. Oops.

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A last thought before bedtime.
11/17/2010 07:43 a.m.
TODAY IS A FANTASTIC DAY TO BE ALIVE! I am so overjoyed to exist!!!!! =] Someone hug me. And dance with me. I am in my happiest of happy places in this moment.
I am currently Affectionate
I am listening to Slurping of soup

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To explain my absence
03/02/2010 08:10 p.m.
I have been happy. Thus, I have not been writing a damned thing. Peace out until I'm unhappy, which is not in the foreseeable future. I do like coming on to read the forums sometimes though. Hm.
I am currently Tired
I am listening to Rider Radio 107.7

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11/15/2009 07:16 a.m.
I'm glad my cat loves me.
I am currently Exhausted
I am listening to Criminal Minds

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A To-Do List
03/01/2009 04:22 a.m.
I like lists. They keep me sane.

1. Get a job.
3. Send in graduation application.
4. Go to MCCC to get transcript sent off to Rider.
5. Stop being hormonal and fat.
I am currently Bummed

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Things I Have Learned in World Lit 1
02/21/2009 12:31 a.m.
1. I am going to die.
2. So are you.
3. The best method of absolving your sins is to gouge your eyes out.
4. Do not cross human-god lines. You will be killed.
5. To stay married to your spouse, do not sacrifice your daughter to the gods.
6. Do not sleep with a god. You will be killed or severely maimed by said god's wife or husband.
7. Society likes Law students better than people with PhD's in philosophy.
8. Internet dating can work. For men named Peter Matthews.
9. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
10. Pens have a very short half-life
11. "30 seconds" means 30 seconds.
12. Stele = pillar
13. The human memory is not reliable under pressure.
14. Jesus > St. Paul > St. Augustine

I'll add more as the semester progresses
I am currently Content
I am listening to myself, slurping chicken noodle soup

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