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06/15/2011 09:21 p.m.
Just wondering what you people out there think about genetically modified organisms (GMOs)???? I streamed a Netflix called "The Future of Food" An interesting fact according to their film includes: 97% of the varieties of vegetables grown at the beginning of the 20th century are now extinct!

Another interesting thing: Companies like Monsanto that are growing these GMOs are selling us these foods making a profit but not just from the food itself. They own the seeds and have a patent and are buying up all the seeds they can get their hands on. Why does this matter? Because now we have to buy their seeds each and every time, we are not allowed to save seeds they have a patent on. The problem is their seeds are crossing over into all of God's natural earth. It is difficult to prevent crossing from one to the next. It even goes as far as if I am a farmer and somehow on my land, plants grow with GMO DNA by Monsanto, I have to pay them money or be sued. Even if it is from cross-pollination as plants often do during the breeze of the wind or a truck passing by full of seed. This I know is true because I started asking farmers if they ever heard of such a thing. I was surprised to find out most of them I spoke with knew someone this had happened to. Crazy.

Am I the only person who cares about this? I want people to leave my food alone and I do not like the control these big businesses are developing over these smaller farmers running them out. We really do not know what the long term outcomes will be changing DNA in plants and them crossing over into the rest of the world.

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