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The Journal of Wendy Sparling

R.V. fire
06/14/2010 09:38 p.m.
We had a fire in our R.V. last night. The microwave ignited inside and caused smoke damage throughout the whole trailer. Not sure how this happened, because the microwave hasn't been used since last November. I'm sure happy this didn't happen in the middle of the night, as it probably would have caught our house on fire.

If the smoke can't be remedied, I hope we can get a new trailer.
So far, my whole year has been ruined :(
I am currently Depressed
I am listening to washing machine do it's thing...

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British Columbia
02/07/2010 09:26 p.m.

I am currently Cool

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tacky poem
01/08/2010 06:55 a.m.
I am currently Silly
I am listening to furnace

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nothing unusual
01/04/2010 06:17 a.m.
Christmas is over and my Christmas tree and decorations are put away for another year. Christmas Day was rather boring without family but we managed to have a nice day. We indulged in a big turkey dinner and then went to the movie, Invistus.

On New Years, we had company for a few days and went to a small party. Thirteen of us drank like fish and at midnight, one of our friends turned on his horn to wake the neighbors and the horn got stuck. Needless to say, we weren't very popular..(hahaha) Fun was had by all and my head didn't hurt in the morning.

I am wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
I am currently Content
I am listening to rain on the roof

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Cancer Awareness
11/29/2009 05:01 a.m.

I am currently Blessed
I am listening to ----

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New puppy
08/21/2009 03:23 a.m.
I will be choosing one of these cute female pomeranians for our family pet. I love both of them so will let one of them choose me. I'm so excited but not looking forward to the poddy training. By the way, her name will be "Lucy"


I am currently Excited
I am listening to the TV

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What a relief...
01/14/2009 03:43 a.m.
I went to my heart specialist today for my follow up after receiving my stent. He said I was ready to skydive and not to worry about dropping dead anytime soon. One thing he did say was to avoid secondhand cigarette smoke, as it will clog the stent within the next 4-7 years. I have not smoked for 14 years and have very few friends who do, but I have one smoker friend we visit every 5-6 weeks and he smokes in his home. We sleep downstairs so the smoke is not bad. I close the door and open the window as soon as I arrive so the room is fresh while sleeping. Oh well, I can deal with this later. I am just happy I will be OK :)
I am currently Refreshed
I am listening to myself breathe

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I'm home
12/18/2008 12:42 a.m.
I'm home! I received a stent in my circumflex artery because it was 80% closed. I received my stent via arm which was much more convenient than my groin. At least I was able to get to the bathroom on my own instead of using a bedpan. I feel OK, but my arm hurts. Thanks for the note Maria and Tracey, I really appreciate you both, for your kindness and encouragement.
I am currently Cheerful

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