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Fun With My New Head
01/23/2013 02:24 p.m.
A recent correspondent did not wish to provide me with a recent photograph, a telephone number, or an address; this, and still asked me to join them on an excursion to New Orleans over the weekend. I explained at some length that these three decisions, taken together, necessarily preclude my considering spending time with a relative stranger. The withholding the telephone number suggests an uninformed partner; the withholding the address suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of who and what I am; the photograph I am unsure about, since the only reason I can think of for not providing a prospective partner for a weekend of licentious behavior with some way of recognizing you at the meet-up is a second evil head that is being held as a last minute surprise.

I told this correspondent that 1) that if the uninformed partner was the lovely Amanda (described as principle playmate in a number of risqué adventures), I understood the hesitation, because at the moment she was feeling more desirable to me; 2) not providing an address suggested he had not grasped that not only do I not stalk, I do not poach (or at least, on the rare occasions I had picked up something that wasn't mine, I didn't keep it and always gave it back); and 3) if the second evil head was a possibility, I had a cousin we could double with, as a dating a second evil head would be a step up for her.

We are NOT going to New Orleans.
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The Power of Doggerel
04/24/2012 06:52 p.m.
...my manicurist told me he was going on a cruise at the end of May. This made some kind of impression. My nephew reports that when he woke me this morning I looked him in the eyes and mumbled, "If I die before he sails, I want this color on my nails." It's OPI "I'm Not Really a Waitress" if you're interested...fingers and toes, collar and cuffs...match.
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My Heart Is Full
03/18/2012 07:53 a.m.
I wrote a very grown up and civilized entry. It is below. I couldn't leave it in place here without saying...bullshit. I am pissed off at a set of circumstances that have curtailed my time with you. It sucks. I want you. I will always want you. In me, on me, with me, every time. OK. I said it. Now you can read the very grown up and civilized entry. I just needed to say I love you and missing you is going to suck so very, very much.

[...is there room for a single person or persons more? up to now, I've always known the answer to be yes, yes, and then a few more times yes. Just at the moment I find myself testing the corners and finding them occupied with love, loveliness, and bits of poems waiting to be born, mostly thanks to you. It's about time to inject some difficult reality, my muse, perhaps a short round of self-denial; the timing is dead on, with your life growing more circumscribed and mine filling rapidly with projects. You know and I know that these momentary preoccupations will not bring us the ecstasy, the abandonment of care, and the sheer joy we've had to ourselves...and yet...and yet...I have to believe there is opportunity for us to find a place and time for coming together that will work. And in the mean time, of course...my heart is only full for the moment, like the tide coming in that we know will go out, and with the change of the moon, come in once more...]
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Considering Intimacy
03/14/2012 01:19 p.m.
The things we do which bring us closer together are so simple, and not at all what one would suppose. Yes, my carnal tastes match yours well, we move ecstatically together; but the reason I am in your head and you are in mine, that I trust you with so much of who and what I am...is your breathless whole hearted acceptance of me, the ease and familiarity of your voice in my ear, and that I love you as you are and not just the idea of you...and that, above all else, you are my muse...
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Deeper She Said
03/12/2012 01:41 p.m.
For the most part think I've done an adequate job of describing subspace from the outward observer's point of view...trying to look at it from the inside now, and finding getting a huge challenge for an inveterate top. Only one person I know has ever gotten me even close...ah, the joys of research. I have his number right here...
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My Heart
03/05/2012 11:27 p.m.
I feel you. You are, as ever, the thump-oddy ump-bump of this hour, when I would be serenading you with coos and croons and dragon puffs of ineffable delight. And by that, I am not suggesting that my delight cannot be effed. Far from it.

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My Friendly Neighborhood Incubus
03/02/2012 01:31 p.m.
One of the truly evolved notions of polyamory is that sharing is next to godliness-so I really am unexcited that I believe I saw my dream lover coming out of the neighbor's Florida room at 4AM. I am more impressed by the wistful smile on his ectoplasmic phys; I should have given the old girl more credit. Guess that old chassis still has a few miles in it. Of course, perhaps it wasn't my libidinous spirit monkey-man; perhaps it was you! In which case, congratulations, darling...getting some strange from 3000 miles away in your sleep is an achievement in any cosmognomy.
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The Elevation of the Ordinary
02/28/2012 04:08 p.m.
...and possibly, the ordination of the elevatory. Liturgical and somewhat mythical, the movement of seasons into and onto semiotic maps. Where will this go? Into March, I think.
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