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06/27/2010 08:30 p.m.
my hair is held together with salt
I am listening to glastonbury festival coverage on the radio, bastards

anyone interested?
02/22/2008 02:39 p.m.

250 words.. short fiction contest.

The Clarity of Night - Whispers

this is supposed to be the pictoral inspiration

I am currently Cheerful
I am listening to violent femmes

02/20/2008 01:57 p.m.

i have had such a good morning.

this is how it went

i woke up and turned on the radio and there was a program about stone henge


or here


then panicked because there were no teabags, but discovered a jar of coffee :)

the door knocked, and the postman delivered me a signed - personally to me - copy of Iain Banks' latest book, in hardback, I have wonderful friends let me tell ya

i have the Marnie Stern album, and The Bees as new things to listen to!

also.. run out of bread and i have no money in my purse, but what i do have are the ingrediants to make pancakes, and this i have done and i will drench them in lemon and crunchy sugar and feast like it were shrove tuesday

I am currently Content
I am listening to the bees - free the bees

12/04/2007 03:42 a.m.

goddamn i keep seeing 4am.

I am currently Blue
I am listening to joanna newsome

06/29/2007 12:45 p.m.

i dont want to read depressing poems anymore {probably just today} even though i feel a bit sad, i want to write something beautiful. but im not sure i can do it, maybe i'll just try anyway. i know something beautiful could be depressing too, so maybe I mean positive. There are a few unravelled things in notebooks i should tie up. oh god what am i talking about. its raining again!
I am currently Creative
I am listening to wolf parade

uh oh
06/20/2007 02:32 a.m.

It's getting light again and im still on Tuesday
I am currently Creative
I am listening to ani difranco

hmm. time waster
05/22/2007 12:04 p.m.
The Wild Rose
Random Brutal Love Dreamer (RBLD)

shmolorful, but unpicked. You are The Wild Rose.

Prone to bouts of cynicism, sarcasm, and thorns, you excite a certain kind of man. Hoping to gather you up, he flirts and winks and asks you out, ultimately professing his love. Then you make him bleed. Why? Because you're the rare, independent, self-sufficient kind of woman who does want love, but not from a weakling.

You don't seem to take yourself too seriously, and that's refreshing. You aren't uptight; you don't over-plan. Romance-wise, sex isn't a top priority--a true relationship would be preferable. For your age, you haven't had a lot of bonafide love experience, though, and this kind of gets to core of the issue. You're very selective.

Your exact female opposite:
The Dirty Little Secret

Deliberate Gentle Sex Master
The problem is them, not you, right? You have lofty standards that few measure up to. You're out there all right, but not to be picked up by just anyone.

"You're never truly single as long as you have yourself."


CONSIDER: The Vapor Trail (RBLM).

Link: The Online Dating Persona Test @ OkCupid - free online dating.

I am currently Tired
I am listening to dan deacon

it's 4.44am
05/20/2007 03:59 a.m.

and i'm still up, making a compilation. it's taken me days. mostly because I'm enjoying sitting here listening to loads of music like it's my job... plus i've just made it more impossible for me to go to bed, by putting on david byrne. i think i may be in love with him. i can't not listen to the whole album now, and I know that by the end, i still won't be able to decide which song to put on. the same happened with boomp bip and doseone. pj harvey is this desire, and the moldy peaches.

oh god i will be tired in the morning/when i wake up in time for the eastenders omnibus. and my knees are hurting like the fluids all been drained, and my eyes are stinging like they did in school. once a long time ago one of my friends told me that her eyes were stinging:
S - "must be because i'm using a pencil"
Me - "what does a pencil have to do with it?"
S - "it's the lead in pencils, they make my eyes sting. whenever I use one it makes my eyes go weird"
Me - "ha, no, your eyes sting because they're tired and dry from reading and writing all day. and pencils are made from graphite"

She also used to pronounce tear - paper tear, as tear - teardrop tear. She also kept a book of all the things we ever lost, started off with my season ticket for the train and her watch.. i think she found the watch a while later, and then put it on top of her tv when uri gellor was on, and he magically fixed it. she wasn't the type to lie, so i believed her. she's nearly a doctor now.

Uri geller is very weird. But then so are most magicians.. Paul Daniels, Tommy Cooper {Was he weird though} Derren Brown. Two of my friends had an arguemnt about derren brown the other day.

F said Derren must love the feeling of power he got from tricking people and not having to reveal exactly how he did it, whilst A said he just found the human mind and how suggestible it is extremely fascinating and so loved to show this off. It's probably a combination of the two. Either way, he's pretty cool.

Anyway, F is a master manipulator and A is fascinated by the human mind so what more should we expect.

I'm gonna watch more Dr Who. Not now...but soon.

It's 4.59 am. my curtains are pink and light and will let all the dawn in so now i'm going to have to fall asleep with my arm over my eyes.

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I am listening to grown backwards, david byrne

its 4.57am
05/14/2007 03:59 a.m.
i've been up since i don't know when. One essay is done. its good. But I have another one to do, unstarted. All i have to keep me awake is extremely sweet tea, stolen from a secret staff room on campus, and bits of chocolate. I have 6,000 words to do and I am writing the biggest pile of word-shite I'VE EVER DONE... but the tea is nice :)

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I am listening to orbital

don't be silly chumps
05/12/2007 08:34 p.m.
bah! i'm not always this negative
I am listening to Los Campesinos!

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