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I got nuthin'
06/30/2010 05:03 p.m.
I am in dire need of motivation... I haven't written a thing in a month!

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12/16/2009 03:29 p.m.
I got nuthin'
I am currently Apathetic

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News News News!!
03/19/2009 01:44 a.m.
I have been nominated for Employee of the year at my workplace! Big to-do about that!

I have been invited to read some of my poems at the April Poetry Event at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago (A rather large event)! I am a bit nervous and would welcome suggestions on which of my poems to read... Thanks anyone.
I am currently Passionate

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10/06/2008 03:39 p.m.

I am currently Fabulous

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09/28/2008 02:14 a.m.
I just found an old Chap Book that Don Campbell put together a few years ago...so many people from this site are in it too!! What fun to read all those poems again.
I am currently Lovely
I am listening to silence

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08/27/2008 01:10 p.m.

I am currently Creative

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I am soooooooo LUCKY!!
03/15/2008 08:28 p.m.
I usually don't write Journal pieces, I figure no one is really interested in my life except me, but I have to say the events of the last month have made me realize how lucky I am. Last month my sister was admitted to the hospital with Multiple Pulmonary Embolism (Blood Clots in the lungs) It was very intense for awhile but everything turned out ok and she has finally been motivated to address some health issues. Then 2 weeks ago my 25 year old nephew died. He had received a heart transplant 5 years ago and had a long history of Cardiac Myopathy. Even though the family knew something could happen anytime, it didn't make the event any less difficult for eveyone involved. Then this week my daughter's car was stolen from theTrain Parking lot in Chicago... she looks all over for it and then heads to her girlfriends house a few blocks away...she calls the city tow lot... they didn't tow it...The Tow Service tells her they figure it was stolen... she calls me on my cell, I am on my way home from store with my husband, we tell her we will meet her at home and file a Police report. Then in a few minutes as we head home, we get a call from a neighbor...The Chicago Police are at our house...Joe tells neighbor to let them know we are a few blocks away. Well...they have found her car abandoned in a bad neighborhood, left on a street corner with the car running and the driver's door open...it has been used in a Drive-by shooting!! Do you believe it?? Three people shot, two are in the hospital. The police were so nice and very helpful...my daughter spoke with the police to let them know what time she left car by train station and what time she returned to find it stolen (The police told us the back passenger window was broken and the steering column was popped off and hot-wired) Actually it is a ten year old car. Anyway they will keep it a few days to check it for prints and such... but what a wild experience! Thank God she is Ok and good thing she phoned BEFORE we talked to police!!

SO!!! I am grateful... Grateful my sister is ok and taking care of her health. Grateful someone was generous enough to donate their heart to my nephew so we could have him with us a few more years and he could touch the souls of so many people before he left us. I am most grateful that God was watching out for my daughter and we were lucky that someone only took a silly old car from us... and not my beloved child. I am truely truely grateful!

I am currently Blessed
I am listening to My husband snore

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