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The Journal of Matthew Sharp

11/17/2020 04:04 p.m.

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11/17/2020 04:01 p.m.

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11/05/2020 07:10 p.m.

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thank you
09/02/2020 11:45 a.m.
to the people that visit and read most of my library everyday.
i want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart:)
its nice to know that its not going to waste.
i hope it helps you through the day.
i hope it turns you into a monster.lol
and remember.... its all love.
feel free to email..no matter who you are.
even if you harbor resentment towards me.lol
i still write everyday because....
i have to.
i just have to.

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me neither
12/11/2018 08:17 p.m.
you dont so i wont
i cant trip im no longer equipped to take that trip ive flipped over too many times for you to see the core there's no more to me than the presence of a peasant king that sings for stones and keeps his poeple lovingly together im good but i can do better never ending comprehending not to mention comprehension yeah i understand i can see and still not know ive continued to grow but clashin with passion.

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words go away
10/28/2014 06:07 p.m.

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nullifying pespective
08/24/2014 02:44 a.m.
Ive lost what was never found
spinning in geometry
until all shapes appeared round

I rode on the backs of colossal beast
as if they trust me
I fell off and it was no surprise
that it crushed me

I convinced myself that obviousness
is a form of instinctual knowledge
when its
probably just
another concept that got in the way
a truth emerged today
when I literally had nothing to say

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08/17/2014 03:17 a.m.
forgive yourself
forgive me
let go
love all you can
laugh and learn with me
or without me
we are going home
enjoy the view

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fun bc:)
08/16/2014 04:15 a.m.

an analogous ancient acropolis amplified and
burned beyond brazen barriers bonded by blood
cantankerous creation cauterized careless caress
distributing dynamics deemed devastatingly dire
empty emotionless effervescence egregious energy
feeling free forever for good
gentle grogginess gyrates health
hate heresy honor integrity
in innocent illiterate ignorance
just jaded
kindred kicking kinks
links lumbering limp mass
meticulously mad
nihilism never new
old omens opted out
premeditated pariah
pre-cognizant quest
quietly queued
righteously right
relinquishing reality
serene solipsism
true time undulates under
undialated vision varies
vehemently vexed
why wonder when
xenobiotic xenology
your years yawning
you zealous zot

I am listening to conquering dystopia

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say what
08/10/2014 04:05 a.m.
i can say what i want here right no judgement
i would 'do' terrible if it made someone else better
but i could do terrible well and enjoy myself
war is a state of mind of psychotic pain
and demeaning our fellow humans by enhancing their 'otherness'
to strengthen our own identity as the others that detest the other others...
is sick... we are free to kill ourselves if thats what it takes to show whoever is leftover how horrible it is to turn your back on your fellow man just because he lives in another location or his god concept is different than yours etc...
every concept attached to draws them that much further from the source.
ill shut up and turn it off and not think a single thought and automatically find myself helping others to learn to help others that arent even truly others.....
im so thankful that i appreciate the smallest big things there are and arent...
words... yeah, just words....
i am alive, and i would most likely love you

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