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The Journal of Maria Francesca

08/12/2011 04:09 a.m.
The reading could not have gone better. (yay!) I have to come up with something new to submit for next year's journal. But the reading was very encouraging. :)
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My first poetry 'gig'
08/07/2011 02:28 p.m.
Tonight will be the first time I'll be reading poetry as an 'invited' reader. One of my poems was published in this year's edition of the 'San Diego Poetry Annual', and I've been invited to read it at a local book store reading. I'm a little nervous -- I've done open mike nights before but never actually been specifically invited to read. I know the work of some of the others invited and I hope I can measure up with their performances. Also, I don't know for sure if we're expected to read more of our work, and have been having a hard time selecting other pieces.

Anyway, I'll be practicing and fretting the day away -- wish me luck!
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02/27/2011 02:49 p.m.
So it's a year or so since I last entered anything in this journal. I think I was pretty successful in the resolutions I made last year -- after a bumpy start, I found a great friend to spend my time and heart with; I've made it a point to just BE happy -- not just to pretend it, but to see the positives wherever possible, and find ways to create more of those positives. And then the 'Yay" news is that just last night, I found out that one of my poems will be published in the 'San Diego Poetry Annual', which will be the first time my work will be published -- I'm stoked!!

So maybe this yearly journal thing is just the ticket to invite good luck, and to remind myself to put positive energy out into the world, and bring some of the same back to me.
Again, wish me luck -- and again, good luck to all you poets in this new year.
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08/20/2008 06:30 a.m.
Does it seem to anyone else as though the world is losing its mind?

Since the beginning of this month (or maybe that's just when I began to pay closer attention), I have read news stories of one man beheading a stranger on a bus, one man beheading his ex-girlfriend, another man jumping out of his car after a fender-bender and attacking the people in the car he had just hit, running one of them over twice and killing another with a knife, and so on. And another man walking into a church and opening fire because he didn't like their politics. Add to this those wacky Russians behaving in a decidedly Soviet fashion. Then add the recent deaths of two people in hospitals (one of them this month, the other a month or two ago) dying in waiting rooms waiting to be treated while workers ignored them. And so on, etcetera, ad infinitum. Maybe things have always been this way, and the news is just broadcasting every little horror that happens in all its repetitive high-definition-festooned glory. Or maybe maybe my stressed-out brain is just snagging all the nasty news like dust on double-sided tape.

No point to writing all this down, I guess -- just kinda hoping if I leave it here then maybe I can get to sleep tonight.
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the owl and the panther
06/20/2008 04:50 a.m.
You know how a song sometimes sticks in your head, and just won't leave? This happened to me earlier today, except instead of a song it was a poem about an owl and a panther that I learned when I was a kid. It goes:

"As I walked through the garden
I marked with one eye
How the owl and the panther
Were sharing a pie.

The panther had pie crust
And gravy and meat
While the owl got the plate
As his share of the treat.

When the banquet was finished,
The owl, as a boon,
Was kindly permitted
To pocket the spoon.

The panther received
Knife and fork with a growl,
And finished his supper

-I'm certain I've misremembered some of the word order in some way, but it's just my kind of thing, even now - especially with its macabre and cynical finish, which shows up in my own work from time to time - and I adored the un-ending of it. What's bugging me now is that I can't remember who wrote it.

Anybody know?

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