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01/24/2008 09:43 p.m.
I am back...I am tired, bone weary even in places where no bones exist, my mind slowly unkinking and uncramping from it's labors and stretching far past it's point of comfort.

I am back...but I am nevertheless still on a journey.

If my determination was a horse, I'd be amazed that it hadn't bucked me off or collapsed underneath me by now.

But there is a kind of happiness in all of this -these are bruises I earned. And the shape of me is changing and my nature re-developing and I am simply in the mode of redistributing all of my resources in the hopes of making all ends meet.
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Where oh where...
01/09/2008 05:52 a.m.
Have I been this time? Well, after a calm Christmas break I'm back in school and I've got a ton of projects going on. Not only am I working on a novel, 3 short stories, 8 film lectures and of course the occasional piece of poetry and prose, but I'm starting a weekly column soon and also keeping a webpage for novel progress and promoting the work of others -so it's been a really hectic beginning to this year. Towards the end of last year, I had a ton of stresses that pretty much rendered me useless for anything of a creative bent and it took me awhile to get myself reoriented so to speak. But, I am doing better (at least on the mental front) and so I shall be back more often. I do hate missing out on some of your work but rest assured, I do what I can to get caught up when I return from a prolonged absence!

Hope you all had lovely holidays and that the New Year will yield you many benefits and good fortune.

I'm off to do more research -look for a few scribbles in the next few days.

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I am listening to Bonnie Prince Billy -"I See a Darkness"

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09/10/2007 04:37 a.m.
I hate Ebay.

It brings out the most pugilistic aspects of my nature.
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07/13/2007 10:20 p.m.
I feel like death warmed over. Look like it too apparently. I went to CVS to get some coffee and they have the most terrible music playing -Amy Grant I think. And I look at the guy stocking stuff and I say "How do you not kill yourself listening to this all day?" and he laughed and said "Somehow I manage" -then he looked at me funny and said "Hey, are you alright -you don't look so good" and I just smiled and said "I just need coffee is all".

I don't think he believed me.

Granted I'm two shades paler than normal (which is a feat believe me) and I have huge purple shadows under my eyes and I have that sort of half crazed look that you get when you have a fever. Or maybe I always look that way. Regardless, I shouldn't even be driving considering how loopy I am on these meds but I have to go check on Ms B's kitties every day and I really wanted some coffee...and thanks to Travis talking about his baking session, I wanted cookies too.

Now I just want to sleep more. And more.

If my neighbors start disappearing, you know what happened.
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07/10/2007 06:04 p.m.
I am once again besieged by the plague. Some nasty combination of heat sickness, fever, exhaustion, body aches and congestion. So, I dope myself up for several days, sleep like its going to be my last and try not to hallucinate too badly. Also must remember not to answer the phone.

I despise being sick.

Okay I want my bed again.
I am currently Exhausted

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03/31/2007 04:42 p.m.
So I haven't been around much lately -things have been so hectic here, I hardly know where to begin -and even now, I have to dismantle this entire computer setup and reroute it to my office so that I have space free for my television and such. That's going to be a pain in my ass undertaking but well worth it as my only companion since I moved in here has been the radio and dammit, sometimes you need moving pictures! I have a stack of movies I have bought since moving and I haven't watched a single one. So that's the project for today. Have been working on some writing which will hopefully be solidified and published here soon -school has kept me busy writing papers and with advising appointments and fall schedules and such. I also started a new job which is fantastic but again, takes time and energy so that I'm pretty much drained at the end of the day.

So, didn't want you all to think I had vanished -I'm here, just on a wee bit of a break for another couple of weeks till things calm down and I am back into my normal routine. Well, as normal a routine as someone like me has!

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I am listening to Mercury Theater Radio Shows

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