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The Journal of Sandy M. Humphrey

Hi Ho Hi Ho to work to work I go
07/26/2007 10:00 p.m.
I have three jobs on the books these days, one day job and two temp. It seems unreal that at this time in my life I would fill it with endless hours of work and activity but that is what I am doing. I try to funnell the extra paychecks into a savings account I have dubbed my skydiving/baby/Christmas fund yet it seems to be more of a life hands you lemons now pay up fund.

Regardless of the reasons for the extra jobs the fact is I can work if I need to and I can pass when I want to and that is a luxury that my day job does not afford. I think of my dream retirement..an RV, a dog and my husband and I happily working the national park circuits in season, making friends and meeting interesting people. This is my dream retirement not his necessarily so I think I will have to fine tune it at some points but I do dream of a time when I travel and write and only have a small home to hang my hat when necessary.

I was born a gypsy and someday I will return to my gypsy roots. Until then I will work and save and slave away. Tonight will not be so bad, I am in guest relations at a concert and event venue and Rascal Flatts is playing. So I am getting paid to watch people watch a concert, not a bad way to make some extra ducketts.

Off to the concert to smile for the people and show where to park there happy faces...build up that skydiving fund.
I am currently Bemused
I am listening to the end of the work day

There is a stranger in my head today....
07/25/2007 10:03 p.m.
I am feeling really detached and to one who has been praticing detachment for over a year now you would think that would be a good feeling yet it is like I am an observer of my life today.
Some tourist has drifted into my mindspace and is slowly strolling through my memory banks, window gazing at my childhood, laughing out loud at my teens, pondering the style of my twenty's, wouldn't be caught dead in my thirtys and so on.....
She stops and visits with the people of my little village in my head who regard her with a curious smile as if she is familar yet someone they haven't seen in awhile. The stranger smiles and moves own, she seems to know more than she is telling, she knows how the scenes tie together.
How it is my inner child gets from point A to point B these days, and how to control the buttons that so easily get pushed in the elevators of emotions. I like this person but I am wondering where is the passion, the deep felt raw emotion that has driven me most of my life.
I may be more serene and at peace without that constant chaos storm but there is something so alive about standing face to wind and feeling the rush of electric air drown you.

Maybe the stranger and I can reach some sort of compromise and agree to share the living space...she can have the calm strolling down the street days and at times I can face the lightning and feel the thunder....

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing....Helen Keller
I am currently Alienated
I am listening to Train....Free

Tiggers of the World Unite
01/10/2007 07:03 p.m.
This week began with what I believe to be a trumped up story about a teen on home video being punched out by lovable Tigger at DisneyWorld ruining a nice family outing. Everyone who has seen the video clearly sees an obnoxious young man trying to perhaps goose or unmask Tigger while he was so kind to stand there in his costume and pose for the upteenth time. In Tigger's defense I think the news media did not properly view the video or screen the family that was crying ouch!!!.

When will the media take accountability for what they report as news? I know we live in the land of Freedom of Speech and I protect everyone's right to express their views but I do not believe everyone's views are news. Pat Robertson's doomsday predictions, is it news?

What happened to fact checking before reporting? I know I am on a soapbox here but it is time the news gets back to the news reporting business and not the news making business. It is time for the Tiggers of the world to bounce up on the springy tails and say we will not take it anymore buddy boy.

I personally do not care if Brittany wears underwear or what singer is dating what football player. I want real news, not the fake psuedo reality like story of some poor worker who sweats it out daily entertaining the masses that can afford a Disney vacation have decided to seek their fifteen minutes of fame at his expense.
Yes it happened but the tape is decieving as are many news stories these days. Key word being story.

I don't want everyone's dirty laundry, there are plenty of mag-rags to read to get that I just want "The facts ma'am and nothing but the facts"

I am currently Feisty
I am listening to Sheryl Crow "Steve McQueen"

Everyone's got to find their own way.....
05/23/2006 03:20 a.m.
In the midst of chaos and what may seem like impossible situations everyone has to find their own way. I have always known this but it is becoming even more clear to me these days as I am trying to find my way through some often challenging relationships that are ever in need of changing. To some the idea of detachment would be to leave it all behind, mentally, emotionally and physically.
I have to much vested to that and it is not what I see myself doing, it is not the outcome I hope and pray for although I realize I may not get what I indeed hope for.
And to quote one of my favorite lines of all times "Be careful what you ask for or you will surely get it"

So what do we do in the interim...breathe, relax, take today as it is handed to us and learn to recognize the small miracles along the way. With each curve and bend in the road perhaps the path that is revealed to us becomes more clear and in time (as most thing worth having do take time)greater truths about ourselves will be revealed and we will indeed each of us find our own way....
I am currently Melancholy
I am listening to Wreck of The Day by Anna Nalick

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