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Synapses, packets vs. circuits
01/12/2007 09:35 a.m.
oceans heave between the idle tapping of fingers
we laugh about these things, held tenuously through
the gentle pull of electrical synapses, firing,
firing again, webbed in the mysterious ways that
circuits seem to be in that space that's less than physical
they always talk about the miracle of life, how there is electricity, chemicals, that take control of dead matter and propel it into a state of animation.
reminds me of how they still haven't figured out just how it all works
how the electricity travels through the nerves, sets it all in motion is beyond me; perhaps it's love or the soul or God, but then what of the packets and the circuits, the invisible impulses that make possible the transfer of information across the globe? McLuhan did say that communications technology is merely an extension of bodies and senses.

But then again, he said that we were merely technology's genitals.

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I don't know what to write
11/30/2006 06:13 a.m.
I think I will write a
poem every day

doesn't have to be a good one
just something

like this, it's not very good
just something

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School's almost over
03/31/2006 11:07 p.m.
I'm so glad that school will be ending next week. It tends to sap the creativity right out of me, so much so that I haven't written any poetry worth sharing in quite some time. I think that's a very sad thing.
I am currently Thoughtfull

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