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*scratches head*
10/28/2005 04:13 a.m.
GloryFoundChild [9:03 PM]: you're too difficult sometimes lol
tIsOy84 [9:03 PM]: no im not ur
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funny little story
10/23/2005 06:40 p.m.
i went to the gym the other day and forgot my bally's card
actually i didn't forget it i brought my school's library card instead. so i scanned the damn thing and it works. my sister and i are like holy shit! you're kidding me. so i walk away and the dude's like hold on hold on young man....i thought i was getting busted... he jsut stopped me to say i had a free work out session left lol
i'm all like woah i should scan my library cards more often.
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i didn't think i'd be so dark
10/19/2005 11:46 p.m.
Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

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because we're both dali
10/13/2005 08:16 a.m.
CardinalDusk [1:05 AM]: you know what would rock...
GloryFoundChild [1:07 AM]: ?
CardinalDusk [1:07 AM]: I don't know...I just lost my train of thought
GloryFoundChild [1:07 AM]: lol
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10/09/2005 12:36 a.m.
i had an awsome day yesterday, it was a long but very awsome day.
i woke up at 8 so i could take my niece over to her dads then my sister and i went to the gym.
my friend called me at around 4 and told me to pick her up at 6 so we could go bowling.
we went bowling...we're not good bowlers but we had a lot of fun even before they put the bumpers up ;)
we then went to the arcade and although we didn't get to play initial d, i still enjoyed playing dance dance revolution.
my friend says that the girl at the snack bar thought i was cute.
i say that she at least though i was funny.
we then went to tommy's and i went home.
now im sick.
i think it was the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
kept me up all night and now i'm dehydrated...i think.
but all in all it was an awsome week and an awsome day yesterday.

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09/30/2005 03:29 a.m.
GloryFoundChild [8:27 P.M.]: this priest once told me to change things you gotta go inside the problem like a vaccine and change it by example
GloryFoundChild [8:28 P.M.]: don't do the shit they do
GloryFoundChild [8:28 P.M.]: no matter how hard it is
GloryFoundChild [8:28 P.M.]: he's right
CardinalDusk [8:28 P.M.]: so, he said that...don't do the shit they do
GloryFoundChild [8:28 P.M.]: yeah
GloryFoundChild [8:28 P.M.]: i think
CardinalDusk [8:29 P.M.]: lol
GloryFoundChild [8:29 P.M.]: or anyways that's how i remember it :-D
CardinalDusk [8:29 P.M.]: I think you may have inserted words in there somewhere
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09/28/2005 07:37 a.m.
what ever happened to real relationships where people would like go steady instead of just screwing around
if anything romance has died for the love lust that mtv sells us
a bit unsettling how we've lost so much soul from our being to corp. america
we need to go back to the days where values meant somehting
to the leave it to beaver days in which there was morality and ethics and for gosh darn its sake, ideals
i'm an idealist
people say i'm stupid to be so
but we should have ideals
we should have something to live for
because if we don't if we jsut live life in the fast line
we die fast to
whatever happened to family values peoples?
we've traded i love lucy for the ozbornes
yes, it might be more "real" (yeah right real to who?)
no its not more realy people
this reality bull shit is not real
it is a bunch of people from hollywood living lives that none of us will never see

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09/23/2005 04:04 a.m.
GloryFoundChild [9:02 P.M.]: i have no underwear
Prancing Badger [9:03 P.M.]: thanks for the update
Prancing Badger [9:03 P.M.]: i'll write that down in my journal
GloryFoundChild [9:03 P.M.]: like none at all
Prancing Badger [9:03 P.M.]: do laundry dumbass
GloryFoundChild [9:04 P.M.]: no
GloryFoundChild [9:04 P.M.]: i'm giving up underwear
GloryFoundChild [9:04 P.M.]: men's liberation!
Prancing Badger [9:04 P.M.]: you're giving up laundry?
Prancing Badger [9:04 P.M.]: then you should give up having sex too
GloryFoundChild [9:04 P.M.]: underwaer
GloryFoundChild [9:04 P.M.]: i threw them away
Prancing Badger [9:04 P.M.]: caue no ones gonna sleep with your smelly ass
Prancing Badger [9:05 P.M.]: why.
GloryFoundChild [9:05 P.M.]: lol
GloryFoundChild [9:05 P.M.]: cuz i don't like to be confined
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standing on the edge
09/21/2005 06:17 p.m.
god they were up fifteen and now only 3.5 *sniff sniff*
how could they play with my emotions like this
and i who was with them all the seasons in which they fiished behind the twins or even almost just above some of the worst teams in the mlb
don't i deserve better than this? a little more respect than this?
god and i didn't even get to see them play that week in chicago
i loved them
they better not let me down
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chicago was apparently not an option so i got cleveland
09/19/2005 05:11 p.m.
Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

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