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12/06/2005 03:58 p.m.

Yesterday I broke my own rules - probably not for the first time. I was gratuitously unkind, derogatory to someone - no, not even to them, but about them. I decided I knew enough about this person, based on minimal information, to justify my cynical attitude. So easy to do - and today, I feel like shit, yet to be wiped. It's on my record - not having any religious convictions, but what better way to perform 'atonement' than to excrete my malaise onto a 'journal confessional'. Yeh - I feel totally absolved of all responsibility for my actions, and I've hardly broken a sweat.

Assumptions - can't live with them, can't function without them...

I am currently listening to: Processed Beats - Kasabian - The Storm, in association with (so I've just been informed)...'concrete underpants'
how appropriate

I am currently Pissed Off

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Breaking News...
11/01/2005 12:18 p.m.

4 people died as a result of coronary thrombosis whilst participating in 'The Great North Run' in September this year. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that SPORT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

So, I decided to take up surfing - salt, sunburn, sharks...all the eSsentials for a shallow sabbatical. Not, perhaps, as spiritually uplifting as an evening of unbridled passion with the night mare of one's dreams, but still an acceptable (& more accessible) substitute. Inevitably, the experience was a littoral anti-climax...in essence, I'm a complete wreck, languishing somewhere off the coast of exhaustion. I guess, in retrospect, I can attribute this to having woken up every time I was thrown off my board.

Despite this reverse in enutrof, I remain undaunted. My next rapid eye movement will plunge me into the unfathomable depths of marine equestrianism, the stuff of which memories are made.

Back to the wall...

Laura Doom
WhileTrue News
(somewhere beyond the phaneron)

I am currently Tired
I am listening to eels - Novocaine For The Soul

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unfinished chiaroscuro
10/10/2005 07:32 p.m.

I am the light
without a shadow
of a doubt

I see everything
in blackened white
through sleepless eyes

I breathe the fire
of hopeless aspiration
to the point of exhaustion

I am a shadow
of my former self
seeking questions

nothing of integrity
is revealed
by my reflections

We crave the shade
that seeks extinction
by illumination

We please ourselves
the blinded leading the blind
into the eclipse

I am the cycle
re-inventing the will
not to seek


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Views from the grey room
04/26/2005 04:10 p.m.

19th April 2005

i am currently vacant, though not disengaged
I am listening to the circular sounds of a PSU fan (one of which I'm not)

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a place where my fingers belong...
04/21/2005 07:39 p.m.

4th August 2002

i am currently withdrawn, though not out of circulation

I am listening to crepuscular dissonance

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07/25/2004 11:17 p.m.

always wondered
what you saw in me
sacrificial lamb?
night mare?

always worked
to live it up
to your expectations...
exceeded - 
shattered them

and found you wanting

someone else


I am currently Detached
I am listening to Storm Radio - an occasional flash but mostly rumbles

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going nowhere
12/06/2003 11:54 a.m.
Watching too many films that don't achieve anything but the passing of time.
Three exceptions...
Bowling for Columbine
Paying It Forward (minus the candle-light melodrama)
The Life of David Gale

Mood - detached
I am listening to tourniquet - headswim - despite yourself

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i don't know
11/22/2003 06:25 p.m.
much...neither do I understand what I do know. Not really surprising that I appear to be misunderstood, or am I just one more thing I don't understand?
I am currently Alienated
I am listening to JackOffJill

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still revolving
10/25/2003 01:01 p.m.

I am currently Dumb
I am listening to Dumb - Nirvana - In Utero

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The 'case' in question
10/22/2003 06:10 p.m.
  Doctors in a Florida hospital have begun giving fluids to Terri Schiavo, a severely brain-damaged woman, at the centre of a fierce right-to-die battle. They were acting on Tuesday's orders from Florida Governor Jeb Bush after legislators had passed a bill giving him the power to do so. A tube feeding Terri Schiavo, 39, was removed last week, but the doctors at Morton Plant Hospital began rehydrating her intravenously in preparation for re-insertion of her feeding tube.
Mrs Schiavo, has been incapacitated since she collapsed at home in 1990 and kept alive artificially, despite evidence from doctors that she will never recover. She has been at the centre of a bitter court battle between her husband Michael, who says his wife told him she would never want to be kept alive, and her family who insist she can be rehabilitated. "I'm ecstatic she's being fed again," her brother Bob Schindler Jr was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency. "I don't think I can describe the way I feel right now. It's been unreal," he added. Earlier, Mrs Schiavo's father - Bob Schindler - said Mr Bush's order "restored my belief in God".
If Mrs Schiavo's feeding tube had not been reconnected, doctors expected her to die within the next week. The controversial new law - known as Terri's Law, was approved by the House of Representatives by 73-24 after the Senate passed it 23-15.
Governor Jeb Bush would have power to intervene when:
Someone is in a persistent vegetative state
The person left no living will
Feeding tubes have been removed
A family member has challenged the decision
The bill was tailored to Mrs Schiavo's case, and Governor Bush said in a statement that lawmakers understood "the unique and tragic circumstances" involved. The issue has split lawmakers, with some like Senator Tom Lee saying that, in leaving Mrs Schiavo to essentially starve to death, "...it is a pretty awful way to go". Opponents such as Representative Dan Gelber worried that the bill set a dangerous precedent: "This bill so oversteps our role it...turns democracy on its head."
The case has caused national controversy; the Florida Supreme Court has twice declined to take on the case and the US Supreme Court has also refused to become involved. Mrs Schiavo's parents had insisted she could be rehabilitated with therapy, adding that she had shown signs of trying to communicate. However, doctors had testified in court that the noises and facial expressions Mrs Schiavo made were merely reflexes and that her brain is damaged beyond repair.

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