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Axis: Bold As Love
09/19/2004 11:49 p.m.
If I should wake tomorrow, and find myself alive, would I step out upon the street with purpose? I have goals to be reached and steps to be taken. I believe that there is a step higher waiting for me. There is a calling that many deem impossible but it is lingering just out of sight waiting to be grasped with a hand steady enough to reach. I will reach higher today, tomorrow, and everyday.
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Spring Fling
06/05/2004 06:50 a.m.



The Square Root Of Trust

Brown Eyed Girl


Why Georgia?

Yah so Liam is getting the boot from being my drummer. Shows up for 2 out of 5 rehearsals. Is almost late for our show tonight. Sings crappy back-ups in a song that he wasn't supposed to. Plays a song we didn't agree on without asking first. Bitches because I want him to hurry his acoustic tune up because our audience was LEAVING!! Then says "Boo Jordan" into the mike after our last song. I did him a favour by giving him an opportunity to play for an audience and he does nothing but complain. I am finished with him.

Jeremy and Adam on the other hand performed their duties with flying colours. I have no complaints. They have become extremely receptive and easy to work with. I need either a new drummer or a new lead guitarist. Preferably a guitarist with as great an ear as Adam.

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I Miss You...
05/09/2004 02:32 a.m.
I miss my Trish...

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It Is SOOO Hot Upstairs...
04/27/2004 03:02 a.m.
That upon lying down in my room I pretty much passed out and had feverish dreams about the demise of our play. God Vanessa pisses me off. I want to smack her and say, "Just because you taught it once doesn't mean it's done." I am extremely concerned about our leads costume changes. If I keep having to yell after them when they should be on stage then they have too many costume changes. I don't want to leave the audience in a blackout for too long so ARGH. I kinda just want to get this play over with so I can focus on Mame. I gotta another call from Gary while I was having my heat induced hallucinations upstairs. He was planning a bass and baritone practice on wednesday which of course I can't make. I'm losing more and more money off of directing Leader. Oh well *deep breaths* it will all be over soon...
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04/25/2004 03:12 p.m.
So after painting and building sets all of yesterday, I'm off in 20 mins to set up the house for Leader Of The Pack. After that at 1:00 we will be running a cue 2 cue for a couple of hours. And then we break for pizza and then do our first full dress run with crew and props. Should be interesting no? When your volunteer time is more frequent than your job you are the happiest poor person around :)
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It's 4:20 and for once...
04/20/2004 07:04 p.m.
I'm not high. Which is strange because I live in BC, the bud capital of North America. I feel good about it anyways cuz about two years ago I was a fairly chronic weed smoker, and now I can just resort to the good Canadian identity vice which is...Drinking Beer!! Anyways the canucks got beat in Game 7 OT by the Calgary Flamers. Man that sucked!! Oh well I had a few in me so it really wasn't all that depressing at the time. Oh well, hopefully we'll have big ol' Bertuzzi back for the beginning of next season (If there is one) Stupid fucking collective bargaining agreement!!
I'm crazy stressed about Leader of the Pack. I saw like no energy at the last rehearsal. Very Sad. And Mame is so much fun. Me and Shane were hangin' out at McDicks waiting for a ride back down to Nanaimo, some strange similarities between me and that kid, lol. Der is pissing me off with his empty threats, and I feel really bad for Miss Endrizzi. I feel like a complete usurper only I didn't orchestrate my taking over of her job it was done heartlessly by Mr. Der. Very Tactless if you ask me. I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew. MFFF MRRFFF FMMMRRRRFFF
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04/19/2004 07:14 a.m.
Someone left, or was booted. Lost 4 comments on Poems and two on journals.

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Freaking Out!!!
04/11/2004 05:00 p.m.
I'm pretty sure I had Mame rehearsal today. Cuz Gary said he'd like to have a short one despite it being Easter. Well my ride was supposed to be here a half hour ago and has yet to show up. Now seeing as rehearsal starts at 10:00 and it's 9:57 I'm thinking either she slept in, forgot, or there is no rehearsal today. I am also panicking because I can find neither my Mame script, or my Leader Of The Pack one...ARGH!! So if I can't rehearse one play today I can't even block out the other one that I'm directing. Ahhhhh!!
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04/11/2004 06:57 a.m.
How do I describe certain emotions? I just keep trying to make it come out in words but I can't say it perfectly...

I'm hunched to be seen,
with my back stretched to score,
finding holes in the theories,
and something much more.

Because the tears that I cry,
won't hit...the...floor.
Because it's one joyous welling,
with the smile it tore.

I'm blurred in the vision,
posed to jump past the time,
where it all sits confused,
on a little white line.

And I'm welling with pride,
from that look in your eyes.
When you told me you loved me
in spite of my lies.

I just tossed that off the top of my head but it still doesn't convey the proper emotion....dammit!!
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Revisions *update*
04/08/2004 09:18 p.m.
"Wistful Dissolution" has been revised...

"Your Smiling Mask Makes Everything Alright" has been overhauled becuase the meter was extremely choppy it reads better now, but still not perfectly...

"Waiting For Search And Rescue Is Never A Good First Date" has been tinkered with. Some extra line breaks a few selective word changes and rearrangment.

"Topic: Flickering Flames Burn Brightest" was overhauled as well...
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