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The Journal of Vimal Rony

What the heck
08/24/2005 07:46 p.m.
As long as u don't step on someone else's feet u have every right to dance the way u want to.

What for?
09/06/2004 07:34 p.m.
When innocent lifes and humanity suffer does someone gain something?It is hard to believe that the ones behind the recent massacre in Beslan also goes under the term 'humans'.A single word can mean extreme opposites coz it is not the brand under which u live that matters but the attitude with which u live by.This is the second time after Twin towers an act that brought tears to my eyes as well as to many others was pursued as a path to revenge by some others.What a fallacy! Humans have brought their own undoing themselves by such acts like stupid segregations and blind materialism.Why don't the people behind these acts uderstand that religion is a path to follow God.Religion orginates from Latin and it means a way to reach into ones own soul and others' and that means ultimately to reach God.Not something to pit Gods against Gods.God has just become a mere spectator and no one listens to him anymore.Why do we forget that God is one and God's messengers are many.It is through these manifestations we reach God and God is one but the path to reach him or the person through which we reach him is the only difference.But the end is the same.Just like our beginning was the same.The fact is that man has used God rather than take the side of God.
All we can do is hope and hope for no more Twin tower or Beslan acts.While we offer our prayers to the victims i can only imagine the Twin towers and Beslan martyrs sitting in heaven harmoniously, as souls does not have any segregation and offering their prayers to us humans to be safe in this once serene land.
I just can't stop wondering where do we go from here.
I am currently Helpless
I am listening to Heaven

Out of 'site' Out of mind
02/21/2004 12:04 a.m.
Thx dear Pathetic 'friends' for the revelation.
I am currently Playful
I am listening to My inner rhythm

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