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Since The King David Hotel was blown up by jews dressed as Arabs
02/20/2022 09:25 p.m.
Since that day, these same zionazi and communist jews have continued their onslaught as Professor Tony Martin so accurately called it, against all of humanity that refuses to submit to their megalomania. Refuse their foreskin eating, kosher taxes, Ponzi scams, organ smuggling, White slaving, diamond smuggling, false flag terrorism, assassinations of those they deem "their enemies," or do the worst thing imaginable and tell the truth about any of them, and they call you an anti-semite.

I don't think Sammy Davis Jr. was ever a Semite, nor are any Whiter skinned, blue eyed AshkeNAZI"s. They are Caucasians. But hey, Einstein and Ardnt called them in. front page New York Times Editorial piece which you can look up, what they are, jewish Nazis. Like all the ones telling you the scamdemic is real, or that Arabs attacked American on 9-11-01AD, all they care about is what is good for them. And with all of these trillions printed since the scamdemic started, who do you think it has been good for the most?

Esther and Julius Rosenberg
King David Hotel Bombing
Sending Harry Truman Letter Bombs to the White house
General Patton
Secretary Forrestal
Gulf Of Tonkin
Johnathan Pollard
The Berlin Disco Bombings
The Olympic Hijacking
The Savings and Loan Scandal
Iraq One
Oklahoma City Murrah Building Bombing
WTC first Bombing which gave Zionazi's access to the WTC blueprints
The Dot Com Bubble
Foreskin Eating
Kosher Tax Scam
Watch Aaron Russo's "From Freedom to Fascism" where an AshkeNAZI threatens him ( a Sephardic American Jew) in Yiddish over his film exposing the scam that is the illegal income tax.
9-11-01AD Dancing Israelis, Netenayhu saying it is good for israel
Blew up the Pentagon accountants who had found Rabbi DOv Zakheim had stolen 2.3 TRILLION dollars in his time as Pentagon Comptroller, Sec. Rumsfeld announced it on 9-10-01AD and then magically they blew up the next day and many of their families were on the planes that were hijacked by the Mossad.
Iraq two
Afghanistan to secure the opium for the Sackler and Perdue families to attack American people with their heroin and Opium
Illegally into Libya and Syria to shatter more of the people that wish to not have their land stolen by jews.
The 2008 Housing Bubble which was the biggest Ponzi scam ever by them against everyone else.

Not to mention that in the Yad Vashem they proudly post a picture that says only 270,000 enemy jews were left in Germany at the start of the war, Edwin Black's book documents the over 730,000 that served in the Nazi military alone. Yet magically over 5 Million have been paid "reparations," while sadly the other 6 Million died....

Big Brother has memory holed everyones critical thinking skills and turned them into mush minds.

An echo into the ether by an American Soldier, son of victims of the Holodomor, Katyn Forest Massacre and the jewish run Gulag Archipelago that still operates in Rabbi Putins JSSR, someone who survived sitting next to a jewish car bomb in Iraq and survived their attempts to drug him to death in Military hospitals for daring to remember the truth of what had happened to him and then pulling on the thin red line of who has been terrorizing his family from the old countries in Europe and now in the occupied USA.
I am currently Alienated
I am listening to Angie McMan and Leif VOllebeck - If you call

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Iraq part Duo
05/21/2007 06:14 p.m.
There will be relativly few people that read this if any. But im being called back to Iraq again and wont be on here for sometime. Just wanted to let you all know that and that this website is in my heart.

I am currently Bummed
I am listening to Soldiers Of Jah Army

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